Fag Loves Black Dudes

Fag Loves Black Dudes
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Fag Loves Black Dudes Way More Than White Dudes

Fags Question

Why do some fags love black dudes so much, what is the fascination?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

The fascination is simple, society tells fags that black dudes are stronger, more athletic, superior men to white men. In society, the white man is denigrated, made the blame bearer for most ills and inequalities in society, and the black dude steps in to take the role as superior. History tells us that the black man was shamed, slaved and treated like an animal at the hands of the white man. This historical context makes the contrast of weak powerless fags being used and abused by black men even more tantalising.

The role reversal of power, the rise of black dudes to the exalted place of rulers is scintillating for powerless white faggots. 

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Fag Loves Black Men Fetish

The black man is fetishized in society, a trend that can be seen in the cuckold porn of the 2000's and the increase in black alpha porn. Black men are seen as all powerful rulers of weak white men, fags, cucks, subs, and all other types of powerless man. 

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