Gay Boyfriend Switches Fag To Master

Gay Boyfriend Switches
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Gay Boyfriend Switches

Fags Question

I am a fag to my boyfriend who is a Master, or at least I thought that he was, until I found out that my boyfriend is actually a fag himself, and has been lying to me, what should I do? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You are one unlucky dumb faggot that got tricked and gamed by another faggot. Unfortunately, I hear this too often, and the number of faggots that I meet that actually started out thinking they were Alphas is crazy, they all think they are Alpha until they meet an Alpha that puts them in their place.

I would suggest that you wait until the fucker arrives home and tries to be Alpha with you, and then you fuck him up, show him the facts you have, out the fucker and then kick him out. That is what a fag that finds himself in the hands of another fag should do, but I know the likelihood of you being fag enough to do it, is low, so in your case, perhaps you just take it, be the useless fag you are and continue serving him, even though you know he is also a faggot, hahaha. 

Bussy Boi

Gay Boyfriend Attempting Alpha

A fag that tries to imitate an Alpha has broken a cardinal rule, it has stepped out of its hierarchical role, and position, and I think that it should be punished severely. That kind of disobedient replicant should be destroyed, so that its a warning to other fags watching. It should be made an example, so show that this domme behaviour is not to be replicated, and if you do, then there are severe repercussions. 

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