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Fag Beaten
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Fag Beaten Up By Alpha

Fags Question

Is there a limit to how much an Alpha should beat me? I feel like I'm getting abused? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You just answered your own question faggot! if you have to ask whether you are being beaten too much, then you are being beaten too much. Simple as that. We all know that sexual violence, and BDSM play are a very fine line, but its a line that most can navigate on a daily basis in their sexual lives, taking the pleasure and pain game to the very limits of comfort and then drawing back.

In some unfortunate circumstances however, the Alpha, Master or domme character lacks the ability to control and self regulate the play, to my mind, that is not a real Alpha, and they go over the line and destroy the fag and Alpha relationship. Faggots know when enough is enough, and you as the faggot should never have to ask the question, because that already means that its gone over the line. 

I have know faggots that are literal punchbags by choice, and love being punched and kicked by Masters and Mistresses, but that is consensual adult physical play, there is never a question about "too much". 

Bussy Boi

Fags Being Beaten Should Leave

In your circumstance, take your faggot pussy and leave that situation. You are a faggot and a faggots pussy is far too valuable to waste on Masters and Alphas that lack the control to use fags correctly. 

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