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The Alpha Master And The Beta Stag

Its day 2 and Chase was in early today. I was in at 5am, and Chase strolled in at 5:30 just before the rest of my team, he was clearly trying to make an impression. He was impeccable dressed and looking very polished, I was impressed with his look, especially as I had just finished a gym session and I was still getting changed from the shower. I called him in to take a seat as he was early. He came into my office and sat down, he seemed a little uncomfortable, considering yesterday he had been strutting his stuff, and now that it was just us two in the office, he seemed a little uneasy. I wondered whether it was me still getting dressed that made him uneasy, but surely, he had seen another man getting dressed before, he looked like someone that frequented the gym, and I was not naked, as I had already put trousers on and was buttoning a shirt. Either way, I ignored his twitchiness and carried on changing. He sat silent, so I asked how his evening had been and how he had enjoyed the first day, and he was quick to say that he was happy so far, and it was what he expected, but as he spoke, I could see his eyes dashing from my crotch to my chest in quick succession. In my head I felt a tingle of excitement, still restrained as I was in the workplace, but a tingle I knew well, and one that always ended well…hahaha. His eyes had betrayed him, and now it was for me to test him and see exactly what he was.

Looking across my table at him, I asked him whether he did any sports, and he said he played football and a little tennis. “I like football too” I said, because it gets you all hot and sweaty and there is nothing better then really exerting yourself physically to keep healthy, and as I ended that sentence, I licked my lips slow enough to seduce, but fast enough for it not to be out of place in the conversation. It was a signal that I hoped he picked up on, and he retracted a little from my look, perhaps it was fear, or nervousness, but I was not sure so I carried on. He sat quite still as I ranted on deliberately talking about physical sports and how they really cause me to break a sweat and get me really hot and twisted up to the point that I have to have special massages 3 times a week from a masseuse that visits me at home… this seemed to interest him quite a bit so I pushed down that line of conversation to see what would catch.

Handjob Tony

The rest of the team had still not arrived so I told Chase about Tony my masseuse who would come and visit me 3 times a week, and I mentioned how he was a gay guy, quite timid, but a really nice guy and I watched for Chases expression, he was quite still so I asked him what he thought about having a gay guy massage him, would he let that happen, or be afraid in case the guy tried it on him, and Chase said he would have no problem with him being gay, but he had never had a massage from anyone, he was just a jock, which I did not believe for a moment, but I let him carry on speaking.

I then mentioned that actually Tony was really good, and probably really good because he was gay and enjoyed nothing more then running his hands over men. I then told Chase that he should try a massage if he had never had one, as it would improve his overall health and fitness regime, and that he might even like Tony touching him, and I laughed when I said that, to which Chase asked why I was laughing, and I told him that it would be quite funny to see how Tony would be around a handsome looking guy like Chase. Me calling Chase handsome was a risk, but also me prodding at Chase to see what he reacted too, when he said nothing to that remark, I turned and laughed and said that if he didn’t enjoy the massage at least he might enjoy the handjob… immediately Chase sat up, so the handjob quip had triggered something in his mind. I asked him why he looked so happy all of a sudden, and he recoiled, I asked whether he was interested in the handjob because he too was gay, and he sneered at me that he was straight and loved women, to which I laughed louder, and said “well you are groomed like a gay guy” and he was not happy with that remark, so I let it go and changed the subject.

At that moment the rest of my team walked in making a noise, and I was just finishing doing my tie up, and so I told Chase that he should head over to his desk amongst the team and have a productive morning with them, and then report to me at 11am sharp, he got up and walked out. I sat back in my chair, and through the glass windows of my office I could see all the team, and Chase talking and a little more comfortable with each other. I could see that every so often Chase was looking across to my office, and I would catch his eye, and make sure that I gave him a menacing look, which kept his mind troubled. I was not keen to make this young buck too comfortable until I knew what he was about.

Tea And Handjobs Anyone?

11am sharp Chase walked into my office, I was on a call to London, so I just waved him to take a seat. Chase waited a full 8 minutes while I finished that call, and then when I asked how his morning was going, he said it was great but something I had said had played on his mind all morning. He asked if I was serious that Tony the masseuse was great at giving handjobs? And asked if that was legal, was he allowed to just give handjobs to his clients. My plan to understand this fake stag had worked and so I walked over to my glass windows and switched the blind on, I then walked back to Chase and standing over him said, “allowed? Legal? what the fuck are you talking about?”   “if you want to do something, you can do it” “what has legal got to do with it?  if Tony wants to give handjobs, or suck cocks better than women, or get fucked in the ass, what’s it got to do with the law?” Chase was clearly astounded to hear me say that and I could see the look on his face was now one of fear and curiosity. I knew I had hit a nerve with him now so I played on that. I told Chase that it was completely normal for heterosexual or simply curious guys to enjoy Men and still be hetero, not gay. At this point I was just wanting to see what he would say or reveal, so I asked him whether he had ever been with a guy, but I asked so naturally and nonchalantly, suggesting that it was quite normal to have fucked a guy, especially here in SE Asia. I said it’s the norm, you fuck guys because they give better blowjobs, and I could see his eyes widening with surprise. Of course, at this stage I did not want to reveal everything, or make any moves as it was too early, so I watched his expressions and then changed the convo, leaving those thoughts to marinate inside his mind.

Having this conversation so close to Chase, I again noted today that he was immaculately groomed, and this time he had his sleeves rolled up and his arms were also definitely shaved or waxed, which told me that something else was going on here, maybe he was a sub, or a sissy undercover, or maybe he was an Alpha twink, whatever he was, he was hiding it. I told him to go back to the team, as I had meetings all day after that sit down with Chase. I did not have him in with me again today and they all left the office to go to a bar a few hours ago, and now its 8pm which is why I am taking this chance to write this blog entry.

I can already tell that this pretend Stag, this overly confident boy is hiding some secrets, and I am determined to get to the bottom of what those secrets are. I can also confidently say from my time with him today, that I am going to have him, I will fuck him in the ass, and he will love every minute. I will train his mind, and mentally seduce him, until he gets so comfortable in the world I create for him, that he will beg to get between my legs and suck my big cock. When he does, I will let him taste my thick cock before I turn him over on my desk and stick my cock inside him. This boy is weak, and he will be my fag for sure.

My plan begins now…

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