Cuckold Cleans Up

Cuckold Cleans Up
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Cuckold Clean Up Boi

One of my most eye opening and pleasurable sexual experiences for me has been managing a cuckold relationship between an Asian couple based in Kuala Lumpur. I fell into this amazing situation when I was working out in KL as a 19-year-old intern. I would frequent the local expat bars and restaurants and also enjoy the KL nightlife which was very interesting if you knew where to go. In my first time, I was there for 4 months and in those four months I managed to have a few saucy liaisons and meet a few fags too. It was one of these faggots that opened up the cuckold conversation which led to me being a part of a cuckold situation.

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Cuckold Faggot Clean Up Crew

Let’s call this faggot Peter for now, and say that Peter loved sucking my young teen Alpha cock, and it especially turned it on that I was a well-built white teen, I think that white young teen combination got its little Asian cock so fired up that it let things slip in convos that should be kept a secret. It was on one such occasion, it was a Thursday and I had this faggot visit my work, we were sitting in my car, it was down in my lap with its mouth wrapped around my thick white teen cock and it was gagging its throat purposefully on me because it turned it on so much and it came up for air as it licked and cleaned my shot load, and while licking it blurted out that it thought its wife would love my cock and that it had recently told her by accident that it was seeing me and regularly sucking me off. I looked slightly surprised that this faggot bitch had told its wife, but I had seen odder things, so it was not so surprising.

As a couple they were clearly swingers, and apparently, she had taken this info as a great bargaining tool, telling it that it should now consider itself her slave and that if it didn’t follow everything she wanted, she would tell its conservative Asian family that it was a gay boi faggot. Now, in 2019, being a faggot in KL, was still a major crime, so not unexpectedly this little fag cunt had followed her every desire. When it told me about this, I said I liked that she was a proper little bitch, and that I wanted to meet her.

This fag being the utter dumb cunt that it was took me home that night and confronted its wife with me. I gave her a warm hug, said hi, asked if I could sit and talk with her, she agreed, and I then set a scene for her by telling it in front of her that it was not needed now and should go sit outside of the house by the front gate, and when it did so, I watched her expression as she saw what kind of a weak faggot her man was. I then calmly asked if I could have tea, which she smiled and provided, and as soon as she sat down, I told her that I like what she was doing, and that if I was her, I would do far worse to it. She laughed shyly, not knowing how much I knew, but I got her attention when I called her a “right cunty bitch” and she stopped laughing, but then I said that I admired what she was doing that perhaps I could help her take this all up a notch. I told her that her man was a faggot cunt, and had been all its life, and nothing could change that not even her sweet ass and pussy. I then told her that she should consider cuckolding it and that we should use it combined together, and that I would love to fuck her right in front of it, at which point I could see the visible excitement on her face. Living in KL over the last few years, I have noticed that being a hot teen white male has a lot of benefits in KL and so I have milked that.

I then told her to follow my lead, and I pulled her close and said, watch this, you will soon know if its going to play along with this game, and I shouted out to it, telling it to come back inside, and as it walked in meekly, it was presented with a picture of me standing pressed against its wife, holding her hair and kissing her deeply, her gentle moaning gave away her enjoyment of what I was doing, I then turned to it and told it to come up close and take off its shirt. It walked over tentatively, and at this point even I was not sure that it would comply, but it did, I stood there deeply kissing its wife and it did nothing, so I started undressing her, and it watched, I lowered down to suck on her tits, and it watched, so having been giving all the green lights I needed, I pulled my big cock out and told it to open its mouth, I then pushed my cock into its mouth and carried on kissing its wife, even its wife was surprised at this point, but she played along, stripping off all her clothes and laughing at it while I carried on arousing her, now bent over licking her pussy, while this faggot cuckold was down under me sucking on my cock harder then it had ever done.  


Faggot Cuckold Cleans Up

The way the fag cuckold was sucking I could tell it was more aroused then it had ever been and if I didn’t stop the cunt it would suck the cum right out of my balls like a hoover, so I grabbed its hair and pushed it back to grab my thick shaft and push it into the faggots wife’s pussy, then I started pumping her cunt hard, and the way she squealed out of pleasure and pain I could tell she had waited for a good fucking like this all her life, and now I was giving it to her. All this frantic action took me to the edge much faster than I expected, it was all very new and I slammed her cunt for a good 6 minutes before I pulled out and shot a heavy creamy load all over her belly and thighs. I then used my thick cock playfully spreading my cum all over her lower body and it covered me too. I looked backwards to the cuckold cunt sitting back stroking itself and asked whether I had given it permission to stroke off which of course I had not as I had been busy cunting its wife and when it shamefully nodded that I hadn’t, I called it over and told it to start licking and cleaning all my cum off its wife’s cunt, belly, thighs and then when it was finishing cuckold clean up on its wife, then it was to move over to my cock and balls and clean me off too. The clean up of cum and sweat that this faggot cuckold did was nothing short of spectacular. This cuckold fag got into every nook and cranny including catching stringy cum that had swung around and landed around my cheeks, it got right up in my ass and spread my cheeks to lick out any cum in there, and also gave my ass gape a great tongue washing, so I was a happy bunny. It also licked all the cum off its wife thighs, pussy, feet and toes, getting right in between cunt lips and toes, and when it had finished it started on the floor around us. This cuckold cleaner lapped at the floorboards like an Alsatian, leaving a sparkling finish to the floor. I told this cuck that the clean-up it had done was special and certainly was not going to be the last time it did this for us.

Cuck Clean Up Future

The fact that I now knew this cuckold cunt was into being cucked, made me want to do it more and more, and also meant that I got to fuck its wife regularly, and although I am straight and bi, depending on the week, hahahaha, I certainly enjoyed smashing her cunt lips regularly, and she really enjoyed the attention and the new found life. Peter the fag realised that it was a cuckold clean up specialist and started inviting me to cum inside its wife, up her asshole, on her feet, and anywhere else that would mean that it had to get down and dirty with its tongue, and I obliged without hesitation. I knew from then on that I would need to expand my cuckold adventures and that there was so much more to learn in this field of sexual exploration, especially when you started to play with the power removal of cucked husbands, fags and twinks in some cases.

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