Fag Slave

Fag Slave
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Fag Slaves That Deserve Enslavement

You came to me needing a Master, an Alpha that would manage your life. You found me, little fag bitch. The first day I met you in the mall, you had broken away from your family to secretly meet me, and as I put my hands around your neck and pressed you up against the wall of the restroom, I knew I would own you, and that you would be my fag slave for the rest of your life. I smiled wryly as I lifted you by the throat... gasping for breath, I felt your hard cock, pulse against my abs… you were so turned on, you filthy little faggot.

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Faggot Slave Master

The devil awoke within me, I knew as you ached against my belly that this tiny little faggot cock and its needs were the turning point in your life, and the cause of your downfall... so taking one hand off your throat while still holding you suspended up against the wall, I grabbed your tiny cock with my other hand and squeezed it looking right into your eyes…. letting you know that I was in complete control. Pulling you to one side, I whispered into your ear “You will serve me for the rest of your life faggot, you will be my slave, and worship me daily. I will choose what you say and do with your family and you will give me everything that I want… from this day forth, I am the reason you live...”    and then I put it down.

Weak Fag Slave

You stood before me quivering, and I laughed in your face looking down at your tiny cock twitching in your pants. How weak you were, fragile little faggot. I grabbed your collar and dragged you sideways into a restroom stall, banging the door shut behind me, and instructed you to “get down on your hands and knees, and lick that toilet seat clean”, you knelt down putting your hands on the rim, and started to lick... as I laughed standing over you. I unzipped my suit trousers and pulled out my huge cock, still laughing I started to piss on the top of your head, and then your face as you turned in shock, wet hot piss sloshing across your cheeks. I knew this was your heaven and the future of our relationship. I was to be your Lord and Alpha Master, a real man so powerful and significant that no one could match me in your life, I would rule you, and I would get everything from you. You would be my faithful fag slave, living a secret life with me, before me, under me.

Faggot Slave Sucks Alpha Cock

As the last drops of piss landed in your hair, you asked to stand, I refused you permission, knowing that there was another task for you to attend too. My drained cock now hanging fat and ready, I looked at you, no words spoken I willed you to open your mouth, staring into your eyes, telling you without words, that in this moment right now, you had a job to do, suck my big cock hard and then drain my balls into your throat. Like the fag slave cum slut I knew you could be, you took my big cock with your tiny hands and dropped my helmet into your mouth, the weight of it pushing your lower jaw open wide… with that invitation I opened my pocket taking out a black leather glove, then slipping the black glove on, I grabbed your hair and started to use your mouth to harden my cock.  


Several minutes of pushing my cock in and out of your mouth led to my growing impatience with your lack of oral talent, so I pushed my cock deep into your throat, which caused you to gag and your eyes to water... this was like a red rag to a bull... as the tears streamed down your face, I pumped hard into the narrow depths of your dirty fag slave throat. You squirmed around the stall, arms tightening as I fucked your face, legs kicking as you became breathless... my arms and shoulder tight and veiny as anger and lust increased my momentum. I could hear voices entering…so I stopped and held you still and motioned for you to be silent…someone had entered the restroom, it sounded like small footsteps, silent I listened…until I heard… “daddy are you in here? Daddy? Mummy said she saw you going into the restroom… are you in here daddy?”

Fag Slave Daddy

Your son had come looking for his disgraced faggot father, the family you forgot about so quickly had come looking for you... you fucking animal... the anger grew inside me along with the pleasure of ruining you, I waited as the footsteps left the restroom, your son was gone, and now I would take your dignity too... tears streamed faster with the horror of the disgrace you felt, so low and degraded with a mouth full of my Alpha cock and the sound of your young son ringing in your ears... I started to pound your throat... mercilessly, like a man possessed I wanted to take it all from you. Your throat sloshed and splashed and sounds I have never heard as I aggressively throat fucked you. You were going to be my cum dump as I pounded into your flesh, your tiny tight throat as tight as I imagined your little boi pussy to be, was ready for a cum dump.

I climaxed, grunting hard, cumming hard and deep into your throat, an endless stream of thick creamy man juice filling your belly, my seed dripping all over your mouth and neck… my leather gloved hand still clenching a fist full of your hair… I was empty… and I was happy that you were the right faggot slave to serve me. Without any concern for you, I stood you up, told you to empty your pockets and hand me your cash and cards, feebly you gave it all to me, including the pocket change which rattled in your pockets. Crumpled and swollen, your face and throat covered in my Alpha seed, you stood there drained, used and abused by me…ready to return to your family.

I walked out of the stall and gestured you to come out... you followed and watched as I washed my hands and put away my glove. I looked at you in the mirror on the wall, tears still streaming, I asked, now what do you say fag slave? Have you got anything to say to me? And you in your fragile, broken voice, mustered the words…...  “Thank you, Master Mikey, I am yours forever”

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