Fags Worship Alphas

Fags Worship Alphas
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Fags Worship Alphas All The Time

My presence. Blows your fucking mind, a young hot 22-year-old Alpha, dominant in every way possible, it drives you insane doesn’t it fag? Gets your tiny fag clitty hard doesn’t it. You have been watching me, and I know it, I know you have fag, because fags worship alphas and that is one of nature’s rules. I see you in the street, and I see you in the malls, and I see you at the gym, you hover around looking at me, hoping I don’t see you, hoping you can just keep perving on me, looking at me and filling your memory wank bank, so you can rush home and stroke your clit to the young hot alpha you saw in the mall.

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You just follow me around, hoping to catch glimpses of me, hanging at the bar with my mates, all young Alphas, all dudes you dream about, and there you are in the corner, pretending to have just arrived, staring, drooling and dreaming about what it would feel like to be sexually assaulted by Alphas like me.

Fags Worship Alphas - My Body

I see the way you look at my body, it’s the youth that you desire, the young tanned hot body, makes you wonder what I look like naked, I see you twitching, you old fuck, middle age is a pain isn’t it,  hahaha you want to get your hands on this young fit athletic thick body, muscular and exciting, powerful, easily capable of overpowering you and holding you down, maybe doing even more, you dream of doing more don’t you, having your tongue in my mouth, using me, abusing me… not that you could, you are far too weak boi, I would tie you up in knots and fuck your brains out, but it doesn’t stop fags like you worshipping and dreaming about alphas like me.

Fags Worship Alphas Ass

You watch my ass, my tight ass in jeans, in shorts, you walk behind me as I walk, you stare as I go up and down the stairs at the gym, you peek when I get in and out of the pool, you are a fucking pervert, so hungry to see beneath my shorts, so desperate to smell my ass, tug those shorts down and just get a feel, get a taste, get a lick of what I have going on. I know how you faggots think and how you predate on young guys, but with me you are shit out of luck, because I would maul you bitch, I would destroy you, and you would love it. Imagine me grabbing you by the throat, dragging you into the changing rooms, pinning you down on the floor, unable to struggle, I would do like the college bullies did to you, and hold you down with one hand as I undressed myself with the other , then press my ass , bare ass into your face and tell you to eat it, suck it, lick it, and you would stop struggling and do exactly what I said, because you are a faggot for me, and I control everything you do with my ass.


Fags Worship Alphas – Worship Me

You follow me around like a weak little fag bitch, so why not take it one step further and actually worship me, come on, why don’t you meet me at the end of the college field, away from prying eyes, and you can get down on your knees, and pray to me, worship me properly, I will sit down and slip my socks off, and you can do whatever you want to worship me, you can rub my feet, you can smell my feet, lick and taste my feet, stinky and manly, or you can sniff and lick my ass, and if you’re brave enough, you can do what you really want to do, which is suck my cock, I know you want to suck it, so get brave and suck it boi. You would love to suck my cock, because all fags do, they love how my big thick white cock stretches their mouth cunts, and how my thick veiny cock slides in their throats. As a fag, you could learn to be really useful for me, serving all my sexual needs 24/7, like the weak man-child you are.

Fags Worship Alphas With Money

For the privilege of being my boi, you can pay me, every day, every single day you can pay me a tribute for being the god I am, and allowing you to worship me. So, let’s start with today, what are you going to pay me today boi, look in your pocket, and tell me what you are going to give me, anything, everything, and then tomorrow we will look again. Theres a good little slut... all that hovering around, all that following me around, and now you actually get to be useful to me, you get to show me the respect I am due, and how funny that an old guy like you cowers at my feet, I’m more then half your age, and you cower at my feet, like a little bitch, hahahaha.

Now let’s start as we mean to go on, Tribute me faggot.

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