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Hairy Cunt

Hairy cunt fags are the most awkward kind of fags because they are willing to serve Masters just like other types of faggots but they are hairy as fuck, and who wants a hairy cunt hanging around! I know this all sounds very bold, aggressive and judgemental, but when you deal with as many fags as I do, you get to categorising them into groups of fags, and hairy cunts are definitely a group of their own.

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Each Master makes their own call on what types of fags they prefer to use and abuse, and I am writing about these hairy fags here because they are a unique group that exists in the pantheon of faggotry. Hairy cunts vary from having just hair around the pubic area, to being totally covered in hair, like apes. There are some Masters and connoisseurs out there that love a hairy fag more then anything, but from my point of view, it’s always been an area of contention, I struggle to find hairy ape fags attractive, unless I can make them into paypigs, in which case I don’t get to see their vile bodies naked.

Hairy Cunty Faggots

Imagine all the sweat that a hairy cunt generates in a hot summer, and with the summer we just had in London 2022, when the temperatures hit 40c, hairy fuckers were the last thing you would want around you. I, as a young Master that spends time in the gym and keeps myself toned and tidy, shaved and smelling delicious, I only want certain types of faggots to worship me, or to be more precise, there are only certain types of fags that I want to have around me, and the rest can worship from afar. Smelly, dirty fags are difficult to handle in real-time situations and I try my best to keep them as far away as possible. Hairy cunts also fall into the category of fag that I would prefer worshipped from afar. I have told some of my faggots that are too hairy that they must shave or wax themselves clean before coming to me, or risk being beaten or thrown out. So far, all the hairiest cunts have complied with my wishes.

I take a great deal of joy telling you that you’re are a stupid fucking hairy cunt. I enjoy it most because I can get away with telling you the truth and there is nothing you can do to stop me. You are far too weak and unintelligent. I know that you know you’re a cunt, but for anyone else listening to this or reading this, they might wonder why you’re such a stupid fucking hairy cunt, and for their purpose, let me explain.

Your dirty hairy unkempt nature, rolls over into other areas of your life, which is why you live a meagre broken life, covered in hair, with little to nothing to show for all the years you have been around, all the time you have spent in this beautiful world, and the age you have gotten too, and what do you have to show for it, nothing, fuck all, a broken set of relationships and partners. Some of you stupid cunts haven’t even got that to show for, some of you hairy mummy’s boys have spent all these years sitting around jerking off with the curtains closed, that is how fucking useless you cunts are. I bet your own mothers feel ashamed of what you are, and how little you achieved in your life. They hoped that you might achieve something, do something worthy of note in your cunty little lives, but no, you were destined to be nothing, useless, a laughing stock at best. Well, you achieved that well enough boy, because you are a fucking laughing stock, everybody laughs at you, the good ones do it behind your back, the rest laugh in your face, because you are not even strong enough to stand up and present any kind of rebuttal, you’re a weak little faggot hairy cunt.


Your work colleagues think you’re a pussy and that is why you get bullied into doing all the overtime shifts without getting paid for it, hahahaha now if that is not the sign of a cunt then I don’t know what is…hahahahaha I laugh just thinking of you slaving away, late into the night, doing the shitty job you do, with no compensation, you know they have to pay people to work that hard, but not you, you are such a gullible dumb cunt that your boss has guilted you into working overtimes for free, and then he books the hours himself to get the cash, hahahaha you got to love that level of entrepreneurship and thievery hahahaha.

Even, your family all think you are a stupid hairy cunt, all your cousins, family friends, uncles, aunts, friends watch you going about your life like the useless shit you are, and they pity you, and then realise that you are not worth the pity, you are just a fool, a reject that fell into the gaps of life and can’t get out, because you are too dumb or incapable.

The best part of having a stupid hairy cunt like you is that I can manipulate you as much as I want, and you don’t see it happening. I get you doing my shopping, picking up my deliveries from other cunts at the post office, and when I am feeling really rotten, I get you cleaning my ass, yes cleaning my ass, and you are such a thick fuck, you bend over after I have taken a shit and clean me up like a good little bastard. Hahaha now if that doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will, so the summary of all this is that stupid hairy cunts like you are there to be taken advantage off, and in every way possible, you are not victims, you are tools to be used and managed, and like all good tools, you can be really useful sometimes, but the rest of the time, you are laid out on the shelf doing nothing.

So, you hairy little faggot cunt, remember that I am the one that gives you purpose, and sets your life on the right road, even though you fuck it up with the lack of basic hygiene.

I am the Master of all stupid hairy cunts like you, and you fags are a real burden to manage but one that I do with great relish, hahahaha. That’s enough insults for now, it’s time for you to log into your bank and send me some cash, there’s a good cunt, well done.

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