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Day 4 – it’s the end of a long Monday in the city, it was an interesting day today. Chase called in to the office sick today, no doubt some weekend over indulgence or him just being the lazy entitled cunt that he is. Either way I was not about to stand for that shit. I was in the office for 5am this morning and he called in at 6am to the team receptionist who was busy taking calls from NYC and London at that time, and told her that he was unwell and should possibly isolate in case it was the dreaded C. As his team leader there was nothing, I could do but accept his sickness, except when one of the senior team told me they had cut through the designer Mall first thing and saw him sitting in the Cartier shop trying on watches. As soon as I heard that, I was furious, this little cockslut was taking the piss and playing me for a fool. So I called him, and left the following message at 11am,

“Oi you fucking cunt, I know you’re not sick and you’re not isolating so man up and get in the office or explain why you’re not here. I want the truth, don’t waste my time with bullshit excuses you entitled prick, I want the truth.”

Gutless Pussy Calls In

An hour later Tiffany picked up a call from him, and passed it to me, “hello” he sounded timid immediately. “Yes” I said, “so what’s your excuse fucker?”

He then went on to give me some cock and bull story about how he had been out clubbing the night before and thought his drink had been spiked because he had woken up 7am with a banging headache and then could not get the energy to come in to work. The story was so poor and clearly a lie, or at least some of it, that I just used it to my advantage and told him that he had fucked up and needed to make it up to me. I said “You’re buying me lunch at 2pm at the Mandarin Grill” see you there and I hung up on him.

2pm, and I had already seated myself, as it was one of my favourite Italian restaurants in KL, so I had a regular table, and Chase walked in and sat down looking weak and apologetic. I immediately pounced on him verbally, “so tell me about this club you went to and how on earth you got spiked, normally its women that get spiked.”

Chase was reluctant to tell me what was going on, but I told him that his job was on the line, I would not have liars and lazy asses in my team even if he was the director’s nephew, and they would take my side anyway if I told them that he was a useless dick. So, after much coaxing and threatening, he finally opened and said that he had some secrets which he had been exploring for the last several years and they were not secrets he was ready to reveal to his family or friends, and because of his family connection to the firm he was nervous about me knowing too, hence him not telling me or anyone else at the firm. He said that he was a cross dresser but with very heavy sissy and femboy traits, he just did not know exactly where he felt comfortable or which label to fall under, he was confused and experimenting.


Sissy Sucks And Fucks

I took this info and knew I could use it to manipulate him now, so I told him that this was no secret at all, it was very common to dress unisex or cross dress here in KL and that I could even intro him to friends that were into that scene, and with that he smiled a little and the look on his face suggested he might be getting comfortable with me, so I took it a step further and said, “so do you like to do more then just dress up? What about fucking, cocksucking, what about being a good bottom, or a mouth for abuse” as I said these things, I saw his face turn red with shock as though I had touched a nerve. He said immediately that he had tried some of those things but felt disgusted with himself and that he was never going to reveal that side even if he did one day tell his family that he was a trans person or a sissy or a femboy.. he was so confused, as he was outside of any of those communities and only really knew what they meant from the internet, and the few clubs he visited and his own feelings when he was dressed up and standing looking at himself in the mirror.

I asked, “So what do you dress up as? do you wear slutty clothes or just plain old church goer clothes, what are you into?”

At this point he opened up a little more and said that he felt really sexy when he was wearing tight jeans that showed off his curves, hips, and tiny waist which I had not noticed yet. I told him that I wanted to see him dressed up, and that he had to do it today in my office. He refused right away shocked and I repeated, “I didn’t ask you cunt, I told you I want to see it, so be in my office at 8pm tonight” he smiled nervously and then told me that he would be there. He went on to explain that he had gone to clubs and experimented with Alphas , Dommes , Masters, and he had tried on chastity cages and been slapped about by a Mistress, but didn’t yet know what he liked most. I told him that he had nothing to worry about, that I had a few secrets to reveal as well.

The Betaboy Sissy Bottled It

Its now 9pm and Chase didn’t show, I suspect he couldn’t handle the pressure, but it doesn’t matter now, as it all plays into my hands. He has revealed his sordid little secrets and I am going to use them all to my advantage. If I wanted to fuck him before, you can guess that this has tripled my desire. This little rabbit is now playing hard to get, but I know how to catch rabbits. Let the games begin.

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