Masters Ode To SissyFagBillie

Masters Ode To SissyFagBillie
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Master Mikeys Ode To Faggots

This is an ode to a special faggot, one that goes by the name of sissyfagbillie. Its name is less important than its purpose, so if you want to make it easier to remember just remember the letters, SFB which you can remember as Silly Fat Bastard. Yes, sissyfagbillie came to me recently wanting to serve, it approached me on social media, and I laughed in its face thinking it to be just another faggot that approaches, one of many thousands of fag cunts that approach me daily. However, to show that it was serious it approached me on NiteFlirt, and listening to it, smelling its rotten stink made me realise that this faggot cunt was different, worse, more degraded, more of a pig then the others. Hence this ode to a faggot, is an ode to joy, an ode to a cunt that has taken being a faggot to the level it has. This ode to a faggot is much like my Fag Love Letter which if you have not read that, then do, and it will teach you how to serve me, be useful to me, be the best for me.

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For all those like sissyfagbillie out there aimlessly wondering the world, looking for Masters to serve, know that your purpose is here, in my hands, so come quickly and claim your places.

My Observation of Sissyfagbillie

You know what you are, a broken fucked up sissy faggot that roams the Earth without respect, care or kindness to warm your days. You long for the brutality that only a Master like me can offer, you seek the ruination and destruction that only lies in my hands. I am the all knowing and all-seeing purveyor of truth, not just universal truth, which in your case is natures cruel treatment of you and your kind, but personal truth... your truth as a lowly faggot creature.

I know that brutality equals a form of satisfaction and release for you faggot! Brutal treatment is what you need and deserve. You ache for the hatred that young Alpha Masters have for weak ugly fucks like you. Just looking at you makes me laugh, the thought that you have never and will never have any real value amongst men. You will always have been at the bottom of the pecking order, peck peck peck constantly pecking away at the feet of real men, hoping to catch the scraps that fall from their mouths.

Growing up, you watched young Alpha men maturing into their roles, you listened to them as they enjoyed fucking other faggots like you behind the bike sheds, in the college mess halls, you heard the whispers in the dorm rooms of the fags that were getting fucked and used, and you were not even worthy of that honour, oh no , you were too fucking disgusting even to be invited to the faggot fuck parties. Those Alphas used and abused fags every day, and you wanted to be one of them didn’t you. You watched other fags being kicked and punched and laughed at, but not YOU, no not you, because you were considered a disgusting fucking leper, too vile even to fuck in the shithole. Ohh how you wanted to be used, but it just never happened for you.

My Advice For Sissyfagbillie

I have solutions for you sissyfagbillie, I have thoughts on what you should do moving forward. Firstly, you were brave enough to approach me, and show your worth to me, as a wallet and an ugly sissy fag. That was a great first step, you sought out a superior Master, a real man, as young as I am that recognised what you were, and more importantly what you could be if given the right training and the right level of humiliation. Humiliation is a tool to be used with all types of degenerates, and with increasing amounts of degradation and humiliation a faggot can only grow and respond more and more to the Alphas demands.

I suggest a number of tasks that you must do if you want to reach the heights of faggotry and be the ultimate cocksucker for me.

Sell Your Ass

You must sell your faggot pussy online. You are perfectly endowed with holes that until now are unused, and you should now set up profiles on escorting websites selling your holes for cash. Offer those holes cheaply enough that all types of scum will take advantage and dump inside you. The more faggot bashing that your holes can take, the better, the more cash you can generate, the better. All of the cash generated will be donated to me, Master Mikey, your Lord and Saviour. I am everything to you, and in time you will realise this.

Get Tattooed

You are property, and just like cattle is branded, so should you be. You are meat, and meat is always stamped, somewhere obvious and plain for all to see. You are no longer a freeman, you are an owned slave, a faggot slave. Your Master, Master Mikey has total control and ownership over you. I will decide how and where to use and abuse you.

Find A Gloryhole

You are a cocksucker, so do as other cocksuckers do, and get yourself to the nearest gloryhole, with your mouth open and eyes closed, ready to drink in the biggest cocks that come your way. Your mouth is a fuck hole, so make it available and ready for cocks, big and small. Make your cockhole as inviting to Real men as possible by using combinations of hot tea and cold ice cubes to change the mouth feel for the cocks that slam into your throat. You are a cocksucking hole, so please the cocks that fill your mouth, perform for them, lick them suck them, be the perfect home for those cocks. Your aim should be to empty big cum loads into your throat as often as possible, so even when you are not near a gloryhole, take all opportunities to offer your cocksucking abilities to other men.


Wear A Sign

Always wear a badge or a sign around your neck telling everyone that comes across you that you are a faggot and a cocksucker and Master Mikey’s Slave. It’s better to inform everyone, allow people to steer clear of you, or come in closer to inspect you if they want to use you. Have a collection box hanging from your neck and at the back near your bussyhole, so that they know they can use you for free, but contributions all go towards keeping your Master in the best life possible. You will be surprised at how many people will feel sorry for your broken mentally ill state and offer financial assistance to you, TAKE IT !!

Recruit Other Faggots And Cocksuckers

You are not special, or important or unique, you are plain, simple and a faggot, and as such there are millions of you walking around, so go and find them. When you find other mongoloid fags like yourself, be the best of them, and lead them all to me, your Master Mikey. Show them what they can do, and how their lives can also take on purpose. You are starting a cult of faggots, and I want to see legions of useless dumb faggots walking in step together, towards their horizon… ME!

Final Words On Sissyfagbillie

Stop dawdling you’re a fat messy CUNT!  You know what you are, I know what you are, let’s not beat around the bush, step up, get in line, be fucking increasingly useful to me day by day, wake up each day proving to me what you are worth to me, and go to sleep each day doing the same. When you sleep, dream about me, when you wake think about me, and when you cum, know that it’s my claw milking that tiny little ugly faggot cock of yours, at the same time as my other claw wrenches your cocksucking mouth open to slide my big fat cock down your throat. You have never been worth anything and you never will, your destiny is to serve me, so get on with the job of serving me.

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