Owned Fag Preacher

Owned Fag Preacher
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Owned Fag Preachers

If there is one fag taboo which I have yet to write down, it’s the number of preachers that are attracted to the fag lifestyle. I know it sounds demonic to suggest that preachers, priests and clergyman would in their droves approach me to serve. These priests and preachers and other men of the cloth all want the same thing from me, to worship me.

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Over the last 5 years I have experienced at least 20 men of the cloth who in their various guises have approached me, either directly or through the use of “fixer” intermediaries. I love and despise these charlatans at the same time, because ultimately, I am an Alpha Master, born and bred to rule all men, and in this instance that includes men of the churches of various religions. When these priests approach me and request services from me, or purchase my material, or request live sessions in person or online, I quickly work out whether they are real men of the church or simply fantasists who want the demonic fantasy of wearing the robes of a religion while simultaneously defiling it with acts so depraved that it would make your toes curl. I have seen things from these men of the church that would truly disturb you. Here are a couple of examples that still currently serve me, even while I am out of the country.

Franklin The Priest

Franklin was one specifically filthy priest, and the depravity to which this faggot slut was willing to go was extreme. For the sake of sensibility, I will mention some of the milder depravities here. On many occasions I had Franklin the fag, pickup male street hookers and take them back to the church for a lesson in how the poor and needy were always welcome inside the church. Franklin was such a depraved faggot that he would close off the church straight after a sermon, and strip the male escorts naked and chase them around the church pews. In one particularly sordid event, Franklin picked up 4 male escorts, and had them sit in front of a screen for me. I then mentally programmed them to sit in the congregation for an entire Sunday sermon, and then wait until all the worshipers had left, before they closed and locked the church doors, stripped naked, and chased Franklin around the church until he could run no more, at which point they stripped him bare, leaving his clerical collar on, and raped him anally and orally until he begged them to stop. I being the evil sadist that I can often be with faggots I sometimes despise, had programmed all 4 escorts to understand Franklins screams of “no no no” as “yes yes yes” so the raping and brutalising of Franklin continued until all 4 had emptied their copious cum loads into Franklin cum dump asshole.


Hubert The Deacon

Hubert was a younger man, not as young as me at the time, but younger than I expected for the prestigious role he held in the church and the community as a whole. However, above all else, Hubert was a faggot cunt, and no amount of seminary or preaching could have ever changed Hubert's love of swallowing cock into a love for a higher and greater being. Hubert's version of higher and greater power was me driving my hungry insatiable cock deep into his throat and ass. On several occasions Hubert was invited to give speeches on the New Testament and Gospel, and on one specific occasion I helped him pick a venue where they were able to construct an oval shaped pulpit specifically for him to be able to speak to a larger crowd. However, I convinced Hubert that for him to ascend in his faggotry he needed to give his speeches while at the same time being able to glance down into the footwell of the pulpit at a naked rent boy using a monster dildo at his feet. Hubert was instructed that at the end of his speech, in the Q&A session with the crowd, the rent boy would lean up and put Huberts cock into his warm mouth and suck him to a climax, all while Hubert was answering questions and keeping a straight face. I can tell you that he managed to keep a straight face and complete his speeches but Hubert was such a useless dumb fucking faggot that his cock and balls shrunk from fear and made it impossible for the rent boy to suck him off to completion. Instead, I forced the rent boy to wait until the crowds had left and then take Hubert back to the car and dump a thick load into his face. Hubert was not impressed and gave me a story about how he had rediscovered the lord, to which I laughed, kicked him out of the apartment I had just spent 3 hours fucking him senseless in, and told him that I would see him soon. He resisted me for almost 3 months, but when he came back, he came back with double the force and triple the faggot needs, all of which I was able to accommodate at a significantly higher cost, due to me wanting to punish the faggot for its treachery.

Faggot Men Of God

As you can see these faggot men of God have the same fag demands as any non-religious fags. These fags are also not exclusive to any one religion, I have had them across all religions and faiths wanting to worship at my feet, albeit secretly. They all want to live dual lives, one for their congregation and one for their real lord and saviour, Me, Master Mikey. I am totally shameless in the pursuit of these defiling churchmen, and I have fucked and extorted my way through a number of them until now. I feel a great sense of duty to ravage these faggots more aggressively than other faggots, when I come across them.

Message To Fag Preachers

To all those real and fantasist preachers, priests, deacons, bishops and any other title that puts you a step closer to the almighty then mankind, you need to step forward to me. I expect your service immediately. I have chosen you, yes each of you, to carry a burden for all men. You will be the fag founders of a new temple within my den. Each of you depraved, defiling, faux men of the almighty will carry a light and a message of Master Mikey throughout the world, letting the masses know of the second coming of the Lord Mikey. I am your reason for being, and you will serve me with your cash, and the sweat of your brow.

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