Prison Cell Fag

Prison Cell Fag
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Welcome Faggot

So, what we got here boi, you look like you have never committed a crime in your life, you look yellow boi, you look positively scared stiff…but don’t you worry, I have lots to soften you up with. Hahahaha… I see little fucking faggots like you come in and out of here regularly, and I always ask the warden to throw the new fish in my cell, I always promise the warden that I will give you new fish a really good welcome, and real special first night… hahahaha

You are new and wet… just like a fish, and you need a real man, someone that has been here a while, knows the ropes to show you how things are done around here, otherwise you just wont survive, so just put your stuff over there, you are going to be on the bottom bunk, next to the shitter, and yes it will stink down there, but you are in my room now, so you are going to do what I tell you too, new fish.. haha

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First Time Prisoner Faggot

Is it actually your first time in here boi? Have you ever been to prison before, done any time in any correctional facilities, oooo you really are a newbie then, no wonder you look so bright eyed, well be careful looking that bright eyed around here boi, there are some right even cunts in this place, guys that will rape you just to watch you bleed and cry, not me, I take good care of you I do, and it doesn’t cost you that much either to be in my protection... oh no it doesn’t cost much as all, you just have to be ready to go that little bit further in taking care of me, do you know what I mean, oh don’t worry you will.

Assigning Fag Tasks

Now look around the cell, what do you see, over this side our bunks, on that wall the shitter, over there the sink and the clothes basket, so whatever happens, you are going to keep this cell nice and clean, and let me tell you right now that there will be no sniffing of boxers or socks out of that clothes box, I’m being serious, the last celly I had, I caught down on all fours jerking off with his face in the clothes bin, it was lucky the staff were not around, because the way I fucked him up, through him around was mad, I smashed him up real bad, so you had the warning right now, no sniffing jockstraps or boxers, unless I have permitted it as a reward for something special you did.. now saying that you will be handling my boxers and socks, because one of your jobs is going to be the Keeper Of His Master which basically means you are going to clean my undies and anything else I throw at you. You are tasked with keeping it all clean and tidy…if I find any of my boxers with skid marks on them, I am going to fuck you up, if I find that all of the jizz has not been cleaned off my t-shirt’s, again... I am going to fuck you up…. So, keep it all clean.

Fags French Maid Outfit

Now, go on take a look over that side, next to the sink, I got you a little welcome present, pick it up, hold it to your body, look in that mirror, what do you think... looks pretty right… you look like a perfect little French maid… so why not slip off your clothes right now, drop them in that basket… and then slip this little French maid’s outfit on…. go on pretty boi... be a pretty little femboy for me…. What !!! why are you looking at me like that... you thought you came to a holiday camp or something?  They put you in here with me, and what this is a fucking holiday camp cunt!!!! No motherfucker this is no holiday camp and if I tell you to dress up pretty for me, then guess what. You are going to dress up pretty for me bitch.

Straighten Up Faggot

In fact, how about we cut the bullshit, from now on I am going to call you Stacey, because you’re going to be my little slut… and you will wear that little pretty outfit... even when other prisoners walk in, frankly I don’t care if the warden walks in, your going to tell them you chose it, because if you snitch on me and I end up in the hole for 30 days, I will fucking hunt you down soon as I am out and rape you to death fucker… understood.. I hope you do... now put that fucking outfit on and jiggle that ass for me… do it nice baby… go on … do it nice… I bought that tiny bra pantie set for you to put on under... get naked and get it on cunt... mmmm hahahaha

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