Satan The Morning Star

Satan The Morning Star
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Satan The Morning Star - Destroyer Of Fag Minds

Satan is the destroyer of all fag minds, and I Master Mikey am the purveyor of his brainwashing demonic powers. For the recorded audio version of this brainwashing journey, click here Satan The Morning Star , but for those that just want to enjoy the written word, read part of the transcript below. 

The new year has risen and you remain the same, a weak, broken, fragile minded faggot that you always were, nothing has changed for you except the turning of the hands of the clock of life. The new year is a time of rebirth, renewal and regeneration, but not for you faggot!! For you have not changed at all, you served me in the year gone by with your mouth, and your money and your throat, you served me with your pussies, your throat pussy and your ass pussy, and as the dawn rises upon a new day and a new year, I know you shall serve me again.  Listen carefully to my voice, listen to the enchanting sounds of my voice, for I am the deceiver of all mankind, the serpent, they call me Satan the morning star! hahahaha the destroyer of fag minds.

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Satan’s Curse Upon Faggots

I come to you as a curse and a plague upon your life, I have watched you since before you were born, watched and lurked in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to step out of the shadows into the light. Hahahaha and now is that time to take what is mine………YOU… YOU are mine. I seek out the weak, the vulnerable and the godless, for those that do not believe in something shall fall for anything, and there I shall be to take your souls to hell. 

You have known me boi, you have known me all your life, and at times in your life you came close to finding me, but I watched you carefully from afar, waiting in the shadows for you to be trampled on by your friends and your family, I allowed you to be crushed and mentally destroyed before I came and grabbed you... I needed you to be crushed by life…and there you are... a crushed weak little faggot bitch...ready for me now, to take you and tear you apart... hahahaha

As the sun rises on the New Year, I want this audio to soak into your brain, burrow into all the little gaps in your mind, squeeze into all the holes, fill all the spaces left behind and then rise inside you like a storm of evil. As I speak and you hear my words, each word is fitting into your mind, trickling inside you, consuming all those empty spaces, ready for the trigger. I set a trigger for you which only I will know, and when I apply it, you will do whatever I ask of you. I may trigger you to tribute me, give to me, empty your pockets for me, or take out a loan for me… or the trigger might make you steal from others for my amusement, or the trigger might simply put you to sleep where you stand. I will choose the purpose of the trigger, but whatever it is, it will benefit me and me only. You will suffer as you have been created to do, you will suffer for me, I am your Master, and your owner and the reason you live your life.

The Cursed Fag

Carefully place a bead in your pocket, any bead will do, but it must be a bead from your home, that you have touched yourself before, that has also been touched by a loved one, something that has had loving energy flow through it at least once before, whether that is because a family member handed it to you or a mother or father gave it to you, whatever the scenario, the bead must have been received with love and honesty, for it is this purity  and love that I shall invert, curse and smite you with.. hahahaha... I am the all-seeing and the all-knowing, when you collect this bead, you shall know that I am watching you, and you will feel my presence around you and within you.

Now place this bead in your pocket and carry it with you wherever you go. I enchant and place a curse upon that bead. I strike down all the purity of that bead and replace it with evil, pure demonic evil. I put the black energy of Beelzebub himself inside that bead. As you walk about your life, you will now feed the black energy lifeforce of that bead and it shall grow with you and grow into you, consuming you entirely and when there is nothing of you left, you shall speak with my voice. I shall instruct you entirely, and I will have you do my bidding all the days of your life…. Hahahaha

Satan Loves Fags

With all my satanic powers, I Master Mikey will consume you fags and force you to do what I will. You will glorify me, you will raise me upon an inverted alter, you will create shrines to me in the world, you will find other lost souls to bring to me, I will feast upon you and your kind for all time…

You will fall for me, with the looping of my words, you will hear me again and again and again, and with each loop your mind will descend, further and further into the blackened depths of hell, and there you will spend your days enchanted, beguiled and lost inside your mind. Your enchanting curse will descend upon you in 5 stages,

Stage 1 of Master Mikey's Satanic Curse - Possession

You will listen to this file, and you will be actively rejecting and preventing the insertion, your mind to look for reasons why it cannot work on you, you will be resisting my power at every turn. The real world you know and the science you have learnt will instruct you not to believe, so you will not believe yet, you will resist everything. To listen to me starting the Stage 1 Possession process on you, click here. 

Stage 2 of Master Mikey's Satanic Curse - Repetition

Without knowing why, you will be drawn to this file again and again, subtly coming back again and again to listen, like an annoying music track, you will just want it playing in the background, in the car, while you cook, while you work out, without even paying attention to it, it will start to take a place in your daily life. You will have it on more and more, without fully acknowledging its effects on you. To listen to me starting the Stage 2 Repetition process on you, click here. 

Stage 3 of Master Mikey's Satanic Curse

My voice will have crept under your skin, slid under the surface of your cranium. You will make sure that you listen to this audio track at least twice a day, but still, you will not be ready to acknowledge the need and its origin. Eventually the twice a day will become three times, and then four times, and on and on. To listen to me starting the Stage 3 Insertion process on you, click here. 


Stage 4 of Master Mikey's Satanic Curse

By this stage you will be listening to extended loops of this Master Mikey satanic audio which will go on for hours on end. Your mind will no longer question the need, because your subconscious mind will have become addicted to the voice and audio. You and I will be one at this stage, and I will live within you. I shall see through your eyes and feel through your heart. To listen to me starting the Stage 4 Implantation process on you, Click here.

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Stage 5 of Master Mikey's Satanic Curse

I will be inside you and viewing the world as you do, I shall instruct you totally, I will own you totally. I will be the controller of your mind. At this stage you will steal, deceive and obtain for me anything that I ask of you, you will be an extension of my devil’s claw in the living world. You will work only for me, you will give only to me, you will honour only me, I am your everything. This Stage 5 is called the Unification, Click here

Rise Of The Morning Star

I am the fallen angel, the morning star, Satan himself and I will live within all you who come before me. Fags, sissys, femboys, twinks, deviants of all shapes and sizes, I am the lord of the underworld and the seeker of all broken souls. All of you can find shelter in my shadow, and all of you shall serve me until the end of time….so think carefully before you press repeat on this audio track... hahahaha.

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