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Sub in popular culture

Meaning of the word Sub

Sub is typically used as an abbreviation for the term submissive. Sub in the context of sexuality refers to the submissive nature of one or other of the partners in a sexual liaison. Sub can be used to reference males or females, but for the context of this site we use it to refer to men. A sub normally functions as one half of a pair, the other being the domme, or dominant. 

Common usage for the word Sub

Sub is commonly used when describing weak or soft men, those that are willing to give up power in a relationship to another, and hence the common usuage of the word as an example,

"Kneel sub, kneel before your Master."

“Thats a good sub, open your mouth and take what daddy has for you”

Reclamation of the word Sub

The term sub has never fallen out of favour, and hence does not need to be reclaimed by any community, if anything it has actually taken on a more mainstream usage as fetish and sexual exploration take a firmer grip of modern society. 

Use Of The Word Sub In

The word sub is used extensively and continuously throughout the site. Sub is a term of endearment on this site, as well as being a accurate description of a persons sexual role play position. 

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