Wife Cucks Husband For Master Mikey

Wife Cucks Husband
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Wife Cucks Husband At Lunchtime

Men like me, Real men, Masters, dominant men that take what we want, when we want, always get what we want. I have always enjoyed cuck fags, or should I say, always enjoyed their wives. For all your cuckold faggots out there, read below, and see how easily I control your wives and put you in your fucking place, on the floor, at the bottom of the pile. 

Wife Cucks Husband For Me

Sit there boi, silent, peering through the gap in the cupboard door, this is what your life is about, your wife knew you were a weak little cuckold when she met you, she was a slut and needed a man to take care of her needs, but still allow her to have sex with real men, and along came you, a weak feminine man, no ability to put her in her place, no character, just a weak little man, and here you are now, sitting as instructed by your wife, in a cupboard in the dark, while she entertains another man, ME, in your bed…haha,

Can you see ME?, tall , handsome, and look how your wife has dressed up for me, she has never dressed up like that for you, she never wears heels for you, you are too short for her to wear heels, she can finally be the woman she wants, look at me bitch! tall handsome and rugged, putting my hands around her shoulders, look at how she writhes to my touch, she is so wet already, I haven’t even stripped her clothes off, look at her body gyrating against mine, she never does that with you does she? Hahaha

Wife Cucks Husband Because She Can

How do you feel cuck faggot, sssshhh be silent boi, just think about how you feel, your tiny insignificant little cock twitching away, barely stretching your y fronts.. haha… your schoolboy pants, you little fucking faggot, this is why she cheats on you. Now watch as she strips, look at that passion, look at my body, look how your wife worships me, licking my body, now watch as she puts my big white cock in her mouth, she has never sucked your cock, in all your years of marriage, she has never sucked you off, refused because your too small, and all you do is watch porn, suffer, touch your tiny cock dreaming of it being in her mouth, she treats you like trash, refusing to suck on your cock, and still you stick around to be humiliated and degraded like a cunt, this is your life boi, the life of a cuckold!

I Instruct Wives To Cuck Husband

I tell women like your wife to do this to you, because you deserve it and because they deserve more, more than you. You are married to a women that considers you a joke of a man, not even a man, someone that pays the bills, while she gets what she really needs from other men, you are a little bitch. I fuck your wife and other faggots wives just like her and they love it, and faggot cucks like you love it, you love to hear me fucking your wives and watching, if I let you. 

Just think, and look how she opens her legs for me, totally mesmerised by my touch, and now my lips on her cunt, look how she wraps her legs around my body as I eat her cunt, how she moans and writhes across that bed, look at her, how she begs for my attention, kissing and touching me in ways she never has for you, you have never seen this side of your wife, look how hungry she is, hungry for me, the other man in her life, what a whore she is, its because your wife despises you, and glances across and smiles at you! She knows you are watching her from inside that cupboard, watching her enjoying me, she loves knowing you are squirming, knowing you are dying inside, knowing she has destroyed your cuck life makes her orgasms so much stronger, her cunt is flushed with waves of wet pussy juice as she thinks about your tiny cock pulsing as you watch another man fucking her.

Watch It You Cuck Husband Fag

As you twitch harder and harder, dying to touch your little cock, watch how I pound your wife's cunt, slamming into her again and again.. slapping her face, turning her over, pumping her harder and harder, each time she cum's, each time she moans and squirts, I turn her to another position and fuck her cunt more, and all the while you sit in silence watching, what a fucking retard you are.

Wife Cucks Husband By Fucking REAL MAN

Oh fuck, look at her, I have got her by the hair now and I am pulling her face to my cock, look how I cover her face in my alpha man juice.. look at her crying tears of joy, licking everything I splash in her face, look at all that cum, dripping off her face, onto her tits. All over her body, the bed, the floor, she is exhausted, and now I am leaving, putting my shirt on, trousers, this is just a lunchtime fuck for me, one of many, just another lonely wife I get to smash, along with all the others, just another little wife whore, and then I am gone. You hear the door shut and the car start in the driveway, and she is still lying back, now she calls your name, you step out obediently, she lays still covered in my seed, now your erect, tiny little stubb twitching and leaking, she looks at your cock, and laughs as much as her tired exhausted body allows, she whispers,

“...now clean me up babe...”

that is all the instruction you need as you go down on her eating up all the sweat and seed, and juice you can gather from her flushed red pussy hole, go on lick up all the seed covering her face and the bed, your tiny cock leaks uncontrollably, there is nothing you can do to stop it, even the chastity cage your wearing cant hold in your cum as it dribbles down your leg, this is your life, the life of a weak faggot cuck, never satisfied, never fulfilled, just a stand in for Real men like me, who come and take whatever we want , whenever we want. 

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