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There is nothing quite as enjoyable as going shopping on a hot summer’s day, especially when the cash I am spending is not mine. Its 7am and I send some texts out as I want to drain some fags. I direct my cashpig fag to meet me on the main shopping promenade, and tell it to bring its wallet and its wits, because it will need both of them today, I am feeling like spending. There is a joyful glee of greed inside my belly today. My wrist looks a little light without a new watch, and I could do with some new shirts and pants, and maybe a new belt. All these things should just be a daily occurrence for an Alpha like me. It actually gets me hard just thinking about spending your cash. I have all day to relax, so before I leave, I decide to get on my treadmill and run for an hour… I have time before I get treated like a king.

As I run, I start thinking about the local fags I could use and abuse, I could even call round one of my local fags and have him suck me off, it would be good to get a morning blowjob before I go shopping, but then again, do I have time, there will be some formalities to deal with if I call the faggot around, like washing the dirty fag when it arrives, only because I do not trust its hygiene regime, so I make it wash when it comes here. Then it will service me, and I will need to shower and prep myself for the shopping trip. No, I cannot be bothered with all that. I will call my cleaning fag around; to get the place looking nice.

Faggot Cleaners

25 mins later the cleaning fag turns up, it had to make excuses to its family about where it was going on a Saturday morning… hahaha I love that it drops everything to serve me, its so obedient. Nothing else in its life comes before me, I am everything to it. Its head lowered it asks what tasks I have for it, and I tell it that this morning I would like it to clean under the sofas, wash the tile floors and also get all my dry cleaning done. After listing all the tasks for it, I watch as it begins work without ever lifting its gaze to look at me, this fag is a real shy faggot. I actually like that it goes about the apartment and never questions anything, never asks to be paid or to have some service from me, it settles with whatever crumbs I throw to it, and whatever change I find in the bottom of the sofa it will take gratefully.

The faggot relishes cleaning and clearing up after it, and I know that it specifically enjoys ruffling through my dirty laundry on a weekly basis. I always keep some dirty socks and boxers lying around because I know it enjoys them. On this faggots birthday last year, I hid dirty pants in the apartment and left it to find them, and enjoy them no doubt. On a few occasions I have caught it standing out of sight sniffing and deeply inhaling the crotch of my boxer pants or wrapping my dirty socks around its face, so I know that these little treats I leave for it, are well received.

Alpha Master In The City

I finish showering and dressing and leave the fag cleaning my apartment to head into the city. The taxi arrives, and whizzes me several blocks into the city centre, and from there I can walk into the main central mall. I know I will be a little early, but I can grab a coffee while I wait, as I have told the cashpig to meet me outside the main lobby. I get there only to find that the cashpig has arrived early and taken 2 seats, which it ushers me across too. I tell the cashpig that its always good seeing a wealthy pink slut like it, and that I hope its ready for a draining today, and the paypig blushes with its reply “yes sir”. The cashpigs name is Brian, if that is at all relevant, its certainly unimportant.

I tell the cashpig that we need to wait, as I have also asked my fag sub to come with us today as I expect to need his assistance as I shop. The cashpig tells me that we can wait as long as I like, which is the right answer. I then tell the cashpig to get me a coffee, a large Caffee Latte. Brian the cashpig scurries off like the desperate little porker that it is.

A moment later my fag sub called Neil arrives and asks if it can sit, I tell it that it cannot and that it should go stand by the restrooms, and I will attend to it when I have finished my coffee with Brian. Neil walks to the restrooms and stands there facing the wall, which looks quite odd as Saturday afternoon shoppers are walking around the mall at this time in groups and families. I then tell Brian the cashpig that it needs to hurry up with the coffees or else the coffee will get cold. When Brian arrives back and places the cup on the table, I pat the cashpig on the head and tell it Well done, but that it should get another cup, as this one is spilled… and before the cashpig has time to question where the spilled coffee is, I tip the cup over the table smashing the glass on the floor. I then tell the cashpig to head back and get more coffee as this cup is ruined and I will not drink it…. The staff rush over... and I say that its fine, I spilled it and so I will pick it up, and they can just collect the paper cups in a moment. I then gesture to Neil to come back to the table and when he arrives I tell him that there is rubbish on the floor to collect, he gets right onto the floor to start cleaning, and the staff walk over again, and say that they will handle it, but I tell them that Neil is doing it already and if they can get a black bag, he will put all the rubbish off the floor into the bag for them... surprised they head off to get a black bag while Neil crawls around under the floor. As Neil crawls towards my seat, I rest my black loafer across his hand, pressing down into his knuckles... and ask if he wants to lick my loafer? To which he nods, and I laugh at him, I am not going to have this dirty faggot licking my lovely new loafers in public... I kick Neil away telling him to behave and he might get a treat later.


Obedient Cashpig's

Brian returns to the table with more coffee, and I tell him to sit. Then I spend the next 20 minutes quietly drinking my coffee while Neil stands to my side silently like a body guard and Brian sits in front of me. I sit checking my phone, answering messages and making notes for the evening, generally enjoying my Saturday afternoon off work, all I can think about is what slutiness I will get up to tonight and whether I will have a female or male sub around to service me later… or perhaps dinner with one of the hot girls I know... so many decisions for a busy man like me. Eventually I decide to get on with my shopping, so I tell Cashpig Brian that I will be needing some new shirts, “yes sir yes sir” is his reply, and I tell them both to follow me through the mall to a distinguished tailors so that I can get measured for some custom-made shirts. We walk in, and I tell the gentleman that greets me that I would like a booth as I will be needing a fitting and would like my 2 bodyguards to accompany me, the tailor suggests the last booth on the right of the shop and directs me there. We walk into the booth and the tailor offer us some champagne, and I accept telling the gentleman that my guards do not drink, so he pours a flute for me, and I take a seat. We spend the next 15 minutes discussing styles and shapes and then he says he wants to measure me. I stand and strip off, my powerful chest sticking out, thick arms, and tight waist, all signs that I spend time working on my body as well as earning enough to shop in places like this. Both Brian and Neil stand aside taking glances at my body, trying not to be seen by the tailor. I can see how aroused Brian is, I can see in his face how he wants to serve, and so over the tailors shoulder I ask how much the shirt will be, “$389 and it will take 3 days to make sir” comes the reply, I can see Brians asshole falling out as he says that, but I know that Brian can pay, so I tell the tailor how cheap that is and so I will take 5 of them to cover the working week… Brian looks like he will collapse, but I know he has that trust fund family money and he will be able to afford this, or at least I think he can, he gets a monthly allowance.. so, lets test that allowance.

Neil watches silently, unable to move hearing the sums being discussed. Its quite funny that I have a rule that neither Brian nor Neil are allowed to engage the other in conversation or cast any judgement on what happens, they are just to watch and or participate where needed. The tailor asks if there is anything else, pants, a jacket... and I tell him yes, point at a pair of designer jeans on the wall and tell him to bag up 5 pairs of those, and can he give us the bill. We walk to the till, and the tailor runs up the numbers on the till and I tell Brian to step forward and do the honours, he steps up and opens his wallet, it’s a big wallet with some cash and cards in it. I can see he is bubbling just in the step up to the counter. He knows what buying me gifts gets him, and he loves it. His skin tingles as he listens to the tailor tell him its $2745 and would he like to pay cash or card… he says card please, and puts his trembling hard forward. I make excuses for his trembling hand and tell the assistant that he was a war hero and still suffers from nervous twitches… lies of course, but it’s a way of distracting the tailor from asking any more questions. I watch as Brian taps his card pin into the machine, and stop him before he presses enter, “shall I get another 2 shirts just in case” I say to Brian and I squeeze his hip as I say it, and he turns to me and in the most strained aching voice says “whatever you want and need Mikey” but I tell him “no, I think 5 is enough” and he presses enter to complete the transaction. The tailor bags the jeans and puts the bags atop the counter, so I then turn to Neil and tell him to pick them up and bring them with us. I walk off and the tailor watches as Neil struggles to carry all 5 awkward shaped designer bags with designer jeans in them, in his arms behind me through the mall. I stop several times to check out watch shops, a jeweller and a designer home furnishings place. Neil struggles on behind me, slaving for me, serving me with his tired flesh. At the same time, I can see that Brian is skipping with some joy, this cashcunt is edging and I can tell it, I can also tell that he is wearing the cock cage I told him to put on last week.

Draining CashPigs

I soon get tired of the noise of Neil huffing and puffing behind us, it looks quite unsightly, me dressed impeccably, my cashfag behind me and then Neil dragging his sorry ass around, out of breath like the fat useless cunt he is. I tell Neil to head to the taxi stand, get a taxi and get to the apartment, let the cleaning fag out and wait for my arrival. I have other plans for Brian, who I tell to head to the rest rooms. Once in the restroom, I push him into a stall and close the door, “show me it” I tell him laughingly, Brian coyly opens his zipper and shows me his cock cage, straining with his cock hard pressed into all the edges, cock flesh bulging out the side, twisted and contorting his cock to take up any space gaps in the cage. I laugh so loud looking at this pitiful sight and then I slap his cage which makes him wince, “you want that off now don’t you, cunt?” I whisper into his ear... “well what will you do to have that off? “And he tells me that he will do anything I ask, which I already know, so I reach into my pocket, and pull out the key to the cage, I allow him to unlock the cage and his cock springs out and straight ... I look at it and laugh more… “Go on then fucker, stroke that tiny cock of yours” and he immediately starts to stroke it furiously, like a wild animal… “stop” I tell him and he has to pause, his cock twitches as he holds still… “ok go” I let him stroke as I run my hands around his dirty cashpig face… I watch as he pulls at his cock aimlessly stretching and yanking at it like he has forgotten how to stroke it... I reach into his pocket and pull out his wallet... slowly as he watches and strokes, I take out his cards... VISA then Mastercard, then AMEX and on and on... this cunt has a lot of cards... then I take out his cash... I can see $100 bills…which I remove as he strokes... “now these 3 $100 bills are mine... ok?” and he agrees as he watches me put them in my pocket... he is now yanking his cock so hard I think he might do himself some damage… then I take his AMEX and tell him I’m taking that too, and I slip that into my pocket... he agrees and asks if he can cum now... to which I tell him “No you cannot paypig” and he slows to delay his cumshot… I then look at his cock while holding another $100 bill and I slap the dollar bill across his shaft, and tell him I want him to stroke now continuously for daddy... no changing pace until all his cum shoots out onto this dollar bill…. he goes crazy at this point, my instruction combined with filling his own dollar bill seemingly making him crazy and he shoots a impressive load which hits the scooped dollar bill and splashes onto my hand and across the stall... I wipe my hand across his mouth as he heaves in post climatic glee… and then using the dollar bill scoop, I tell him to open his mouth, which he does gladly, and I pour all his sad cum juice into his mouth… “now drink it all down cashslut” and he does. We clean up and leave to head back to the apartment, I am still laughing at him as we walk to the taxi, because this cashpig is one filthy little fucker.

Faggot Foot Worship

At the apartment Neil is waiting, standing as he usually does in the corner of the room like an obedient fuck, and I walk in and I tell Brian that he can get into his pig cage, which is a metal dog cage that I purchased specifically to train Brian. Brian crawls into the pig cage and sits there silently as I tell Neil that I now need a massage, so Neil walks over and gets to taking off my shoes and socks, I tell him to sit down on the floor, he sits down and I put my barefoot on his head, resting my heel on his crown, I then turn the tv on, and see what’s on Netflix… nothing good, I scroll through the options as Neil sits silently with my foot on his head. I eventually get to a comedy I have seen before which I know is a good watch, so I turn that on, and I tell Neil that he can now proceed to doing his tongue and mouth massage on my feet. Its been a busy morning walking around the shops and these new loafers are yet to be broken in, so my feet ache a little, and are red in places, so they need Neils faggot tongue to sooth them. Neil starts with long slow licking of my entire foot... heel to toe and then moves to sucking the heels, and licking the arches like a faggot worshipper. I know Neil loves toes most, so when he licks my toes, I watch as his cock twitches in his pants... I smirk, knowing that I will not allow him to cum… so he has to do the thing that he loves most and not get any relief today… he continues, and I watch this comedy for a full hour and thirty minutes with my feet in his mouth... by the end of the movie my toes are wrinkled as though I have been sitting in a bubble bath and Neils pants are showing a wet patch where he has been leaking. I laugh at him and tell him its time he leaves before he creates a mess that no one wants to see... I can see the disappointment in his eyes, as he is sometimes allowed to perform for me and stroke off into a cup and then drink it... but today he is not going to be allowed to do that. I tell Neil that before he leaves, he must go to the pig cage and kiss Brian the pig, and I want a full kiss with tongues, and then he can leave... so he walks over to the cage and Neil and Brian engage in an awkward lover’s snog, which gives me something to giggle about. Neil then leaves aching and full of cum.

I enjoy using and humiliating these 2 faggot animals in their own ways. Both here to serve me, they both enjoy being used and abused. Brian sits there the rest of the day in that pig cage silently as I go about my relaxation day, I have a long week ahead and I want to make the most of my Saturday.

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