Exposed Fag Destruction

Exposed Fag Destruction
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Exposed Fag Destroyed

Exposed fags seek exposure and public humiliation for so many fucked up, mentally ill reasons. A fag has so many internal needs that are fulfilled when its publicly humiliated, and I discuss these in Exposed Faggots. However, its rare that the exposed faggot’s destruction is ever discussed. The faggots get to be fulfilled by the exposure, but like the moth attracted to the light, it’s the light that ultimately destroys it. Destruction of faggots comes in many forms beyond the original exposure and very often, that which was fun and exhilarating turns into an all-encompassing tragedy, so this blog post is about the real-world perils that exposed fags face.

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Exposure Point

An exposed fag is buzzing at the point when its pictures are shared, when its driving license and passport photographs are distributed across the internet. At this initial point, there is electricity flowing through every ignorant molecule of the exposed fag, for the first time in its ridiculous existence, the fag has meaning. The meaning is worthlessness, decay, degradation and disgust, but meaning none the less, and the fag revels in these feelings, knowing that superior Masters are viewing it, enjoying it, and laughing at it. I have watched an exposed fag tingle with excitement when its details are revealed on twitter, and I have watched its clitty harden with the sheer thrill of the exposure, knowing that people are laughing at it. I have laughed in the faces of so many exposed fags, letting them know that they are worthless faggots and that they will do anything for real men like me, say anything for real men like me, be anything I want them to be, just to be in my company.

Exposure is addictive for faggots, a drug that the fag will willingly consume all day if I let it. The issues that occur with exposure which last a lifetime are far more sobering.

Exposed Fag Family Destroyed

The exposed fag never thinks about its family, and I don’t mean wife or partner, I mean parents, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces. A faggot that will show its passport details on twitter leaves itself open to being used and abused in ways that extend much further then twitter. I have seen teenagers suffer, whose uncle or grandparents are the faggot being exposed, and I always think that some elements of the exposure needs are a mental illness. I am all for fag exposure where the only one effected is the faggot, but that is rare. Most faggots have sisters and brothers, work colleagues and often wives and children, and in the process of exposure, a fag’s family can be the ones to suffer most.

Personally, I have no issues ruining and home wrecking an exposed fags life, but I draw the line at ruining the lives of people that have not signed up for this level of cruelty and battery.


Exposed Fag Loses Job

I had one fag which I had to get rid of because it was far too reckless, and I realised how reckless it was when we streamed its cocksucking skills across the internet in a Chaturbate cam room for all to see. I have cam rooms set up for these purposes, and locations for fags to earn for me and to perform these penances, but in this scenario the fag had actually messaged all its work colleagues to watch the show, which half of them not believing it was a faggot, had tuned in to watch. Unfortunately, in this grand fag reveal, its boss had also logged in to watch it being fucked senseless with its work shirt on, hahahaha, its boss watched as I fucked the fag’s mouth and asspussy and then dumped a load across the logo on its work jersey. I thought it was a normal session, which are public and visible to all, but they are relatively hidden from the masses of cam show viewers. Cam show algorithms always filter for the most popular content which is usually young sexy girl cammers, but on this occasion we had managed to get onto the front page. The fags boss felt so aggrieved by the humiliation that he felt, that he fired the faggot over the phone that night. When the faggot called me and told me what had happened, I was furious too, as this fag had broken the rules of my trust, and now I wanted payback, so I charged the exposed fag $400 and told it that once it was paid, it was to vanish out of my sight for 2 years, and then maybe I would let it back in. The fag was broken hearted and tried to convince me, but I told it that it needed to listen to my words or risk a savage beating, and the way I explained what would happen to it, it understood really quick.

Exposed Fag Extorted

Exposed fags can be extorted too, and that is definitely one of the funnier aspects of fucking up stupid faggots. I have experienced several fags that wanted exposure and when I had put them in a place to be exposed fags, they caught the attention of a cruel Master that decided he was low on cash and would use the opportunity to extort money from them, hahahaha. Now clearly the “Cash Master” was low on cash because he tried to extort 3 of my fags, and was successful with one of them, where he actually turned up to the fag’s home and knocked on the door, which was very uncool, but this Master did it. I thought it was a total loser move, but that is life. When a fag puts itself out there to be exposed, then it runs the risks of meeting all sorts of people, and some are even more fucked up than the faggot itself.

Fag Exposed

Fag exposure is a huge topic and one that has many websites associated with it. My advice to faggots that want to be exposed is, choose your Master carefully, choose the person that will expose you very carefully. For more information about exposure, read Exposed Faggots.

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