Exposed Faggots

Exposed Faggots
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Exposed Faggots

Faggots come in 2 formats, the ones that want to be faggots as a side-line narrative in their lives, and the ones that want to be exposed faggots and shown to be exactly what they are to everyone. The first type is private and secretive, and the second type are public and looking for attention. The majority of the faggots that I deal with on a daily basis are the private scared faggots that live normal lives but then get faggot freaky at every opportunity that arises. Personally, it does not matter to me whether you are a faggot looking for exposure or a faggot looking to be secretive, the key for me is that you serve well and obey me. Exposure is just a faggots need for attention, and there are a number of reasons that some faggots need this type of public exposure.

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Exposed Faggot Humiliation

Some faggots relish the feeling of being degraded by superiors, these fags delight in the fact that a Master has that level of control over them, and can be their ultimate making or ruin, its an exciting idea for them. For other faggots it’s the exhilaration of being publicly shamed and having no control or ability to stop that exposure from happening. Sometime this public exposure is tied to being blackmailed or forced to expose, this brings additional layers of fear and excitement to the exposure.

Humiliation is the key in all variations of exposure and acts as an aphrodisiac for these dumb faggots. I like to use that humiliation on so many levels, so that my fags and those that wish to serve me experience the highest levels of humiliation and degradation. When a faggot enters my dominion, they are immediately in danger, and they risk everything to interact with me. I am more than just an Alpha and Master, I am all powerful and all seeing. I do not expose faggots on websites because that really only preaches to the crowd, and only other faggots will see the exposed faggot. I prefer to expose faggots in real life, in the mall, at the doorstep, at the workplace, or at least threaten and blackmail them to get the faggot feeling that level of fear. I enjoy the humiliation that a faggot feels when its down on its knees in an alley way and I am slapping it across the stupid face and occasionally somebody will walk past and look worried, and some even stop to ask why its being slapped, and it has to then tell the stranger, that actually its enjoying and wanting what’s happening, so they should walk on, the embarrassment of that scenario is so great that it leaves the faggot with an imprinted level of humiliation that is difficult to rival.

Exposing Faggots Online

I also love to expose faggots online using remote conference tools, because the internet is a powerful way to collaborate, and I can mentally torture my faggots online. On several one to one sessions, I have started the call with my faggot as a one to one, and then middle of it kneeling on its carpet and punching its cock, it looks up at the screen to find that I have added 20 other Masters into the call, who are all watching and laughing at this weak faggot bitch abusing itself. Normally those sessions end with the faggot tributing each Master for HIS effort, and then finally awarding me with the greatest tribute for leading the virtual gangrape. All the faggots that I have allowed to experience this type of online exposure have enjoyed it and would love to repeat the experience, but it’s a treat that I offer rarely and only to the select few lucky faggots.

I Enjoy Faggot Humiliation

As a Master of faggots, the most important thing for me is that I must enjoy the faggot’s exposure more than it enjoys the exposure, so I am never entertained watching faggots be joyous at the humiliation, because to me that means they are not fully being humiliated, a faggot that is truly humiliated is shame faced and embarrassed, not excited and joyous. I intend to mentally break my faggots for my pleasure, this is all about my pleasure and what little pleasure is left when I have consumed my fill of pleasure, well those scraps of pleasure can be fought over by the faggots I choose to put up with. It tells you something beautiful and horrid at the same time , that I relish and enjoy watching faggots squirm. I get the same pleasure pressing a faggots face into the window of its workplace, as a child gets pulling the wings off insects.

I will continue to expose, humiliate, degrade and mentally destroy faggots for as long as it excites me. To learn more about being a good faggot , read Faggot Boi Realisation and to learn how to be the best faggot slave in a Master Slave relationship where you will get to enjoy being used abused and exposed regularly, read Master Slave Contracts. You can also read about the real harms to fags that expose here, Exposed Fag Destruction

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