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Gooning … a faggot’s tale. It’s Friday morning and my fag Steve has already called in and requested a meet, it knows that the Master works long hours on Friday but the fag is desperate, it needs a milking and an edging session….it feels full. As always, I am concerned about the health of my fag slaves so I book it into a midday drain session. It arrives to my office in the guise of a client looking for support with its portfolio, the receptionist looks oddly at the fag standing in the lobby with an ill-fitting suit on, looking like a person that doesn’t wear suits. She seats it and calls through to my office, I tell her to send it in.

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Gooning Midday Session

It walks in smiling, gazing intently at its Master, the door is still open, and I maintain the careful ruse, welcoming it in, smiling and telling it that it’s great to see it, then I circle round behind it and close the door, the mood switching immediately as I walk up behind it and grab it by the collar. I walk it to the wall and press its face hard into the fabric finished wall tile, whispering into its ear… “so what have you got for me faggot?!!” ,  it grunts with a smile, to my displeasure. I step to its side and slap it across the side of the face, in a downward motion, this jogs its thinking as its startled body jumps backwards. I grab the fag by the collar again and I drag it backwards to my oversized glass desk, pressing it face down into the glass. As it lies there across my glass table I pull its pants down and strip off its boxer shorts, revealing the most perfectly shaved boi pussy that I have seen in a long time….I waste no time telling it that I want to feel its pussy as I spit on its cunt and push 2 fingers inside it.. it squeals with delight. I slap it several times telling it that this is about the Masters pleasure, not faggots pleasure, and each time I reiterate the point it moans and groans, so I stop. I allow the faggots moment to subside as I stand still next to it, hand clasping its neck, waiting for it to still itself. As soon as it stops moving, I run my hand around its boi pussy and tiny clitty, trailing my lustful fingers around the soft freshly shaved skin, dipping into and out of crevices, which makes the faggot moan… I stop immediately…. “This is not about you cunt, you are not allowed to feel pleasure here, you are banned from sexual pleasure...” its body winces, then goosebumps pop up off its skin across its entire surface… its tingling now.

Gooning And Edging

I fully strip the fag, and it stands naked and fragile in front of me, its skin alternating between goosebumps and trembling, it waits and it waits. I stare in its eyes as I reach out and grab its tiny clitty, it yelps as I yank on its flaps, pulling downwards on everything that I can grab in my fist…I hold it stretched out, its body tightens through pain and its face winces, but I hold it fully stretched, giving it time to enjoy the pain and anguish shooting through its boi clitty….eventually I release it, and just as it gasps for breathe I take its tiny clitty shaft in hand and start stroking its tiny length… tugging it gently hard, no words are spoken, just the firm grip of the Masters thumb and forefinger wrapped around the fag victims clit.

The fag writhes with pleasure as my thick fist strokes it to the point of no return, but just as the fag is gasping to release, I stop and pinch its peehole, making it shrink immediately. I then pull out a piece of paper, and show the fag how easily I could shred its tiny clitty with paper cuts, and this has the effect of making its tiny boi clitty shrink to a size that even I have never seen. I allow it a full 5 minutes of subsidence and rest, before I begin my torment again by running my fingers in a wet trail from its boi pussy to its boi clitty. The fag’s clitty, springs back into action growing and thickening right in front of my eyes. I stare into the faggot’s eyes and then tell it to open its mouth, I spit right into its throat... it writhes as its clitty grows, untouched… just grows as I stare at it. This faggot is mesmerised by my power, the sound of my growl and my voice make its skin tingle with ecstasy as it stands before me, aching to touch its clitty, aching to release all that pressure in its cunt.


Goon Porn

I know what my fags need, so I take it to a corner of my office where I have a video conferencing setup, and I seat it in front of a 65-inch 4k screen and force a headset onto its head. I then switch on a porn compilation that has a timer on the side of it, it states 4 hours. I tell the faggot that it must watch porn for the rest of the day, seated right here, feeding that addiction for me, honouring me, the Alpha that I am, all that I control. It sits, staring at the screen, stroking its cock minute after minute, and every time it gets close, I see its face scrunch up in agony as it lets the feeling subside. This goes on for hour after hour… and the fag gets more and more twisted up, huffing and puffing until its actually bothersome to me across the office, so I walk over to it, and slap its cock hard, 10 times… this resets the faggot’s mood and it quietens down again.

Its approaching 8pm and the team has left for the day, but the fag is still huffing and puffing, edging away to the porn I have playing for it. Each edge is harder and harder, and the fag seems like it will no longer last, and instead of taking pity on the poor beast, I scorn at it and then walk over and grab its clitty shaft, holding it tight I start squeezing harder and harder. The clitty goes from bloodshot red to pale to a blueish tinge as the fag’s eyes cross over and its head starts to flail backwards, this faggot is losing its mind…. The goon face taking over its expression, it begs once more in an undiscernible language, its finally losing its mind, but I keep squeezing. The fag becomes breathless as it mumbles, and spit dribbles from its mouth to its chin… a smile hanging below its unsmiling face, a tear rolls down its cheek, and finally I release, and the only words that struggle to come out of its lips are “thank you Master” but in a broken laboured delivery… the fag is drooling now... unable to hold its head... its body shivers and trembles uncontrollably.

Gooning Climax

Finally, I decide that its time to release the fag from this orgasmic misery… so I walk this faggot to my 10th floor glass window, I stand it close to the glass facing out, onto what would be the sales floor, but what is currently empty, and then I tell it that I am going to empty it… its face struggles even to raise a smile with the exhaustion of a whole day of edging and gooning.

I push 2 fingers into the faggot’s mouth and then take them down and slip them into the faggot’s gooning twitching ass pussy, spreading its cunt lips wide as I push in… it gasps as I slide in, further and further, trailing thick fingers past its rim flesh and over its P spot….it yelps as I push in and out, and its boi clitty bounces and twitches, jumping up and down as my fingers interrogate its insides. I build up a stead fucking rhythm in and out of the fag, and then I reach round and grab the boi clit and start stroking it... building a front and back rhythm until I am completely in control and rocking this faggots mind. This goes on for 6 minutes before I see a strained look on the faggot’s face which tells me that its going to blow, so I use my knee to push the faggot closer to the glass which its about to spray with cum.

As I move it, I feel the cunt contractions begin and the orgasm ride has started, like waves building front to back, I feel the faggots gooning is done, and now the results, the first spurts are air and precum, but the veins pop as the jets shoot out, and then the backlog , a wave of curdled thick gooey cum starts bellowing out of the faggots clitty hole like a hose, spraying up against the glass, its so thick that it shoots out almost in slow motion as it hits the glass and just stays there, not moving, not falling, just stuck to the glass, the jets of spunk continue and now that the thick plug of cum is out, the softer more stringy transparent cum follows and hits the glass, automatically sliding down towards the floor, all the while, the faggots back is arched like a horse bucking, I keep pounding the fag cunt back and forth until it collapses in a heap at my feet, completely spent, and drained of all energy, my only choice now being to leave it there or drag the fag to a communal bin and throw it in.

I leave the fag lying there and tell it that once its got some energy to stand, it must lick all the cum off the window, swallow it, and then get its clothes back on and leave the office. I laugh in its face, turn and walk off, my job is done, my gooning fag is spent.

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