Learn To Submit To An Alpha

Learn To Submit To An Alpha
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Fags Must Learn To Submit

There are so many reasons that submission is important. Submitting to your Alpha, your superior, is one of the only ways that a faggot can truly get to a place of ultimate satisfaction…or the faggots Nirvana.

On a daily basis, fags battle with the following set of characteristics which make it hard for the faggot to stay on the right path.


You’re a worthless fag and you have known that you are an inferior creature all along, this not news to you. You knew this when you were in school, college and now at work, you’re at the bottom of the food chain. In reality this fact is never going to change for you, but at least if you fully acknowledge this fact and support it by submitting to an Alpha, then you can be sure that you are in the right place in your life, at the bottom.


All your life you have been a selfish faggot, and mostly because all your life you have burned with the jealousy of watching others strive and succeed and win and leave to go on and live successful lives. This contrasts with your life, and this leaves you bitter and jealous, and you cannot help but burn when you see others doing well, this is your fate faggot.


All dumb fags like you are short sighted, never able to see the Oak tree in the Acorn, and thus never planning for a life or a love or anything. You are living in the visceral sexual frenzied moment, because you lack the capacity to organise and prepare for a future. You dance in the moment, and love being involved in cum drenched ceremonies, and being treated like a cumdump for all and any men that might use you.


Your life is nothing but curiosity and questions. You have always wondered why you felt the way you did, why the other boys never acted or felt like you did. No one in your life before ME was able to give you the answers, but now I give them to you... YOU’RE A CUM DUMP FAGGOT. A bottom feeder destined and designed to serve REAL MEN.


You, like all faggots are always looking for greener pastures, so your treachery is well documented. You will start with a Master and then float in and out of relationships with other Masters, because from the very beginning of time, faggots have been untrustworthy little bitches. Almost every faggot I manage in my global harem has been in and out of my harem over the last 5 years. Such is the nature of the fag, and you will be no different, so get comfortable with your treacherous degrading ways.

Given all the traits above, it is clear why the fag continuously falls from the rose petal laden path of grace and humility onto the stony and jagged road of humiliation and degradation. Every day is a journey towards some low-level sanity for the faggot.

To make any sense of your shitty life, you must consider things that will allow you to rise up the faggot ranks. 

Fag Ease Of Use Provision

You must allow yourself to be used and abused physically and mentally. You must make yourself available to all types of Alpha Men where ever you can find them. In the first instance join a good local BDSM club in your area. Here you can explore the power play and loss of control elements. The final goal of this practise is, to as soon as possible, allow yourself to be ravaged by as many REAL Alpha men as possible. The ravaging raping is a rebirth process, from which you will emerge a changed faggot.

The rebirth and resultant quality of faggot life you live after the gangbang really depends on how many hungry Alpha men you allow to ravage you simultaneously. The more the merrier I say. Allow as many men, as can possibly fit around your strapped down carcass, to literally attack you with their cocks. Within minutes of this type of assault occurring you will be bombarded with cocks trying to push into your mouth and asshole, and everywhere else. It will definitely be a difficult process to start, but you will achieve satisfaction knowing you are serving those men. True liberation occurs when all those men cum over you, and use you as a common cumdump, pumping loads of creamy hot cum into all your crevices. When this happens, you will know that you had a purpose in life and that purpose has now been fulfilled.


Alpha Masters Of The Ages

On your journey to submit to a Master, never forget that you have submitted to fulfil all your Masters needs. Therefore, you should try Masters of all ages before you settle with one type. You’re a treacherous faggot anyway, so trying different Masters will be no issue for you.

Old Alpha Masters have lots of experience and will undoubtedly know your type of fag when they see you. There are many benefits to this, mainly that you will never have to think again, the older Master will have tasks for you right away. You are always going to be a good faggot in the hands of an older wiser Master. Alpha Masters only get better with age.

Young Alpha Masters are typically less experienced but this is offset by the increased energy levels and enthusiasm that they bring to the table. Often a younger Master will demand more sexual tasks from you, and this is fine, as you are there to serve them young and old. Always know that you will need more energy to keep a younger Alpha Master content. A young Master may be completely the wrong choice for you if you are a slobby overweight fag, as you will not be able to keep up with the Master.

Routine And Tasks For Faggots

Learning to submit is a process which will eventually lead you, as a fag to the place you need to be. Getting to that faggot Nirvana is a journey of a thousand tiny steps. It is for this reason that Masters like me, who are young and powerful and full of cum, will always tie your submission to routine and tasks, set on a daily basis. I often couple these tasks with a mantra to chant, as those help to embed all learning, deep into your faggot minds. Below is an example of a set of daily tasks that I set out for my fags,

  • Wash your clothes and bedsheets daily before midday
  • Vacuum, sweep or wash your floors daily before bed
  • Wear a chastity cage inside my faggot den or inside your home 
  • Wear a chastity cage during any journeys outside of my faggot den or outside of your home
  • Chant the Master Mikey Mantras at least 5 times every day

Theses simple chores work for me, and they help to keep my fags in line and on the right path to faggot Nirvana.

The Fag As A Sexual Creature

Fags are driven by satisfaction, driven by their sexual urges and desires. A faggot will deceive and contort the truth just to relieve itself, such are its sexual needs. Therefore, a good Master will prevent and control those urges right from the start of the training. Submission for the horniest of faggots must entail chastity devices. As a faggot you will know these urges well, and know that they must be controlled. Whenever I put my fags into chastity you can almost see a relaxation in the beast’s shoulders, as it knows the hope of touching its fag cock are gone, and the chances of releasing its cum are gone. Control in this form is beneficial to the Alpha as it will eventually result in a more balanced dependable and house-trained faggot, much like neutering a cat or snipping a dog. The result is an animal devoid of those natural urges and therefore much more focused on you and your Alpha needs. Spanking can also be used to train faggots and force submission, and you can see how to use spanking to control here

As will now be evident to faggots, submission to your Alpha is key to your evolution, so get down on your knees where ever in the world you are right now, and pray for submission. Train your mind for submission to the higher being in your life. I don’t care whether you’re at home, at work, or in the mall, get down onto the floor NOW, and prostrate yourself in the realisation that you will need to submit to an Alpha, just like me , Master Mikey.

It will also be evident to Alphas, get your fags to submit, do not allow them to dictate the terms of your relationship, even if they try to buy / tribute their way out of prostrating themselves, there is a unique value to the fag’s servility in laying itself out before you. Force them to do it.

“Submitting to the Masters Will, is the biggest step on the journey to Faggot Nirvana.. “

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