The Importance Of Spanking Fags

Spanking Faggots
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Let’s start by clearing up my stance on spanking as a topic. For instance, spanking children is totally wrong and will create all sorts of impairments both socially and developmentally, so it’s a totally ineffective method of disciplining or teaching children.

Faggots however, well that is a whole different story... hahahaha… for faggots, Spanking is a primary developmental tool. If you are not going to spank your fag, you will simply never get the best out of it.

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The Purpose Of Spanking

The key purpose for spanking is to clarify the power hierarchy and place fear into the fag’s mind. The fag has always known that it’s a dumb creature of low intellect, so you’re not telling it anything new, but the process of spanking it instils the level of inferiority deep into its mind. The spanking also sets the tone for the relationship, and the power structure, which means that if you have initiated your fag with spanking at the start of a new relationship, you are far more unlikely to have bad behaviour from it later.

I have used spanking in many relationships over the last few years, and the power that it gives me is incredible. This is even more so when the fag being spanked is 2 to 3 times my age, it really gets into its mind and causes issues to deal with. You can of course spank aimlessly with the hope that you will enjoy doing it, or your fag will benefit from you doing it, or you can do what I do which is to create a process and a structure for spanking. See below my structure for spanking faggots.

Stages Of Spanking

Stage 1 - Surprise And Shock

Stage 1 is the surprise and shock that your being spanked by a young Alpha. An Alpha that is younger than you, often young enough to be a teenage son. The initial spank confuses your mind, and you turn to see if what’s happening, is actually happening. You have been forced to submit your backside to me, often under duress, and bend over, both of which are deeply humiliating features of this first stage of spanking. Its even worse if you are a boss or manager in your daily life and you have come to me straight from the office, still wearing your power suit, having spent all day bossing people about, and now here you are at my hand, being spanked. In this first stage, the spanking is often rapid, as I aim for you to get from this stage into stage 2 as quickly as possible before your dignity reaches a point where it can no longer take the humiliation and you attempt to leave me… which will always go wrong for you…hahaha. At this stage even the sound of bare hands-on bare ass is humiliating, and you feel it deep inside your head. These initial thwacks take you back to childhood.


Stage 2 - Letting Go

Stage 2 is letting go, you are no longer receiving those first few minutes of rapid spanking that you received in stage 1, now you are moving into a spank every 15 seconds or so, its much harder and deeper, but delivered out of sync, so you are not able to guess when the next spank will land, leaving you taking each spank as blindly as the last... you ache with each bang as it lands across your cheeks. The pain and sting of each thwack hurts you to the core, but you hope for it to end soon. The initial loss of dignity has passed in your mind, and you’re telling yourself stories to comfort yourself now...

“Perhaps others feel the same” 

“Maybe I will be happier” 

“no one will find out this happened”

“I am stronger than this”

“I could stop this happening if I wanted”

Obviously, all bullshit, but it doesn’t matter, you must console yourself at this stage and tell yourself whatever you must, to allow the benefits of this to shine through eventually. The length of this stage depends on the individual faggot, and I make the decision about how long this process will take and when its time to move to the final stage 3. Your ass is totally red from spanking now, and the stings have moved from a surface pain to being deep inside the tissue, even your hips now ache from the spanks. Your mind is playing tricks on you constantly as the emotions flood your mind, filling you with anger, love, lust, an urge to break away, and an urge to yield all to me… all emotions swirling in cycles through your head. Your desire to flee dies each time my hand lands across your cheeks and you feel the weight and power of Master Mikey in your life.

Stage 3 - Elevation

Stage 3 is elevation and you know you’re in stage 3 when I lay my hand across your cheeks and calmly begin talking to you…

“You are a faggot and all your life you have known you’re a faggot, but with no purpose. You have drifted like deadwood in the ocean, going where ever the tide takes you.  Today you are at a crossroads in your life, and most people have a choice at that crossroads, but not you…I have made your choice for you, and you will now be a fag of purpose! And your purpose from this day forth shall be to serve me and to yield all to me. You will be everything I need, whenever I need it. You shall come at my beckon call, 24/7 from this day forth. You shall give money, labour and flesh to me. I am your EVERYTHING!!!! “

As my talk finishes I can see that your tiny cock is hard between your legs, and you are ready for the final elevation as my fag, I then tell you that you must hold your belief and that this next part will hurt me much more then it will hurt you, which is a lie, but one that serves its purpose in the moment…. Hahahah. I then proceed to take out my studded wooden paddle, and paddle your backside red raw for 25 strikes, which leaves you gasping for air, and begging me to stop. I always announce the 25th strike as the last, and this always works to allow the emotions to flood out. I then lay the crying and sometimes screaming fag down on to the floor. I tell it that it can wait until the pain subsides to clothe itself and then leave. I also tell it that I expect my first letter of thanks and gratitude within 5 days to confirm that it has benefited from my grace.

I think that spanking is a critical part of faggot training and that you should implement it as early as possible into your faggot relationships. It can be implemented in a gentler form if you think that your fag is feeble and may not last the full 3 stages, so you Alphas must use your judgement, you need this process of spanking to yield you a better, more service focused faggot, not a dead faggot, for a dead faggot is no use at all.

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