Owned Fag Slave Preachers

Owned Fag Slave Preachers
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Owning Faggot Slave Priests & Clergy

I have owned several faggot priests over the last 5 years, but my ownership of these holy men has been far from the traditional Master and Slave ownership that I detail in Master Slave contracts. Owning fag priest slaves is entirely different because of the inherent power dynamic. These faggot priests and clergy come with a level of respectability which the layman simply does not have.

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If we take a typical faggot for example, and assume that I acquire that fag through one of several means, normally they approach me in a cowardly fashion wanting to be friends, but I always know what they are, and treat them accordingly. This then leads to a relationship of sorts where I abuse and manipulate them and extract all of their needs and desires from them. It is a deeply passionate process and one that I have perfected over the last many years. This is my normal engagement with fags, but occasionally this balance of power sways a little as I wrangle holy men and men of the cloth. In my post about Sissy faggot priests, you learn about a holy faggot that I still fuck, that likes to dress up for me.

Fucking Fags Of The Cloth

Engaging with priests and clergy fag slaves is a harder process, and not because they are any less fag than a layman, or because their faggot needs and desires are any less deviant, its actually because the level of ego they have developed being the focus of their respective religions gives them a certain power. I have described before, the ways in which I have obtained clergyman faggots and the types of places where I have caught their roving eyes. When I come across these men of religion, I have a set of tests or rights that I apply to ascertain my mode of attack to get these types of faggots. This mode of attack involves testing them with various questions in different situations.

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5 Fag Test Questions

1 – If I have made myself known to them in all my Alpha glory, how do they react to my presence in public spaces?

I will always make a beeline to get into the direct line of sight with a priest or holy man, so that I can see how his eyes react to my physical prowess, for these holy men are indeed glorifying the spirit, but are they also glorifying the flesh. Their roving and lustful eyes will often give away their sexual needs and then I can prey on them just like I would do any other faggot.

2 – If I have first made contact with them, do they take the role of initiating future meetings?

My contact with these faggot priests is always short and sharp, with the intended purpose being to capture attention and create allure before departing so that they feel attracted to chase after me. My aim is always to reawaken the inner beast within them. These lustful faggot priests will always fall back to their baser nature and aim to use their respectability to surround me, little do they know that they are sheep surrounding a Wolf.

3 – At our first meeting, do they immediately show what they are, or are they reserved at first?

Some of these priest fags will act camp, or be overly sexual right from the first conversations we have, and when they are this forward and direct, I tend to not want to use them, I still want to fuck and abuse them, but not keep them, as these types of faggots will inevitably be a liability. When examining them at first meetings I will look for good eye contact, which when your faggot hunting priests, suggests confidence which is a good trait and a strength for some fags. However, prolonged eye contact is considered arrogance and a weakness, as the fag does not know or has never been taught by its Masters to serve correctly. An over confident priest faggot is a troublesome soul, and I always need to get them back to a private space where I can pound the hierarchy into them quickly, starting with the anal pounding and arriving at the oral pounding last.

 4 – After speaking with them in private, what fears do they reveal to me?

This fag check is about getting inside the priest faggot mind, and understanding what they fear most. Most fag priests will tell you they fear the wrath of God more than anything, whilst still holding the thickest part of your shaft to assist you plunging yourself into their depraved holes. Most of the faggot holy men that I have banged, always tell me they fear God’s wrath for being homosexual, but clearly, they do not fear it that much, which I use against them as I pound their flesh mercilessly, knowing they have nowhere, including their God, to turn too. Like a much-used horror movie line, I always tell them while anally destroying them, “Your God does not live here PRIEST!!!” and this always seems to turn them on more, the satanic devilish nature of that phrase seems to tighten their anal cavities and always results in more powerful fagasms.


5 – When speaking with them, do they overly condemn homosexuality?

Most repressed faggot preachers will use every opportunity to discuss sex and specifically homosexual relations with you, as it’s their way of using defiling words before they carry out the defiling acts. Almost every clergyman faggot I have nailed has had some extreme point of view on homosexuality. I love it when they begin ranting as it allows me to overpower them, and I will force the very hated topic right onto and into them, making them the faggots for me that they hate so much. The hate dies quickly when they are forced to suck on my fat cock and kneel before me with their clerical collars on and ceremonial robes... worshipping at an Alpha Gods foot.

Holy Men Fucked Like Faggots

Holy men are resistant to the morals of laymen, and no matter how I torment them, they seem capable of enjoying the faggot festivals that I arrange for them. Whether I am having my priest faggots fuck each other, or gang up and attack a specific faggot, or whether I am enjoying several faggots together in one large bath of faggot soup. Priests make the most joyous and educated of cock suckers. The mouth of an educated preacher is like no other, it can do things with its academic tongue that no other can do.

In my secret vaults I keep sessions of prayer time with these deviants, and the things I have made them do in the name of the almighty would make your toes curl up and your cocks shrivel. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed these religious fags to the max, and will continue to do so as the years pass. 

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