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OwnedFags In 2023

The concept of ownedfags is not new, its the concept of domination and control and has been in place since the beginning of time. Ownedfags are slaves, fetish players, submissive and all the other categories of weak futile men put together. I have written about Ownedfags in the Fag Sellers Guide and the Fag Buyers Guide. So what are these mysterious creatures that continue to beguile strong dominant men. Fags are enchanting creatures, to be played with and to be used for entertainment. 

A fag that is owned and controlled by a Master is a happy creature, a creature with purpose and meaning in its life. I have found so many men, subs, fags that have wondered the Earth aimlessly, some in marriages, some in relationships, all seeking the same thing, to be controlled, to be managed and told what to do, that is all they want. So many of these fags simply never find a partner to live out the fantasies they have, so finding a Man, a real Man, a Master, a superior Man that can take them and put them to work is a dream come true.

If you are a Master reading this, then you will know that this is true. You will have come across men, weak men, submissive men that were easily controlled by you, whose will you were able to manage, even without a sexual side to it. I know some Masters who do not even use their fags for sex, they simply own them to own them. Its a hallmark of prestige for them, the fact that they own these weak faggots mentally, or physically or financially is a huge turn on. I know Masters in straight relationships that will fuck their girlfriends while making their fags sit aside the bed and watch, simply to showcase the power. 

Non-Sexual Ownedfags

There is a definite power to owning another person mentally and physically, its a surge of energy, the likes of which cannot be replicated by anything else. I know that when I tell my fags to come to my apartment, they come willingly, excitedly, knowing that they will get to do what they were supposed to do, be what they were supposed to be, servants to a greater Master. Several of my friends keep fags for chores, and these fags will come and do the cleaning, washing, ironing and floors, but never get anything sexual in return. This style of ownership is not for me. 

Giant Gape Toys

Sexual Ownedfags

I like sex !, no I love sex!! so all the fags I keep will generally be used for some form of sexual release. Some I keep for fucking, others for fetish play, some I keep just because I like something about them. For example, one of my fags is called Mr Fingers, because the way that this faggot uses its fingers and fingertips is truly unique. This fag has the ability to make me cum in floods, floods of cum, because it hits nerves and nerve endings that other faggots simply cannot find. I love fags that can make themselves useful in specific ways such as this, and I will always enjoy this part of the game.

Bussy Porn

The Reality Of OwnedFags

The reality of owning faggots is that most men are incapable of this level of submission or control. This is a issue with dominant men and weak men alike, as there are very few real men out there like me who will take ownership, real mental ownership of another being and truly enjoy it. This is a blessing and a curse, its a blessing for me, as all my faggots will declare their love of being owned by me, and its a curse for all those fantasists out there that dream of fag ownership, but will never achieve it. 

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