Paypig Draining

Draining Paypigs
By Master Mikey

Paypigs love masters

I love paypigs because they are simple and dumb. A paypig needs the most simple care and attention, it needs to be fed and watered and then to have money taken from it. Life is really simple for all the paypigs that I manage. They have their money taken daily weekly monthly depending upon their means. I don't give a fuck about the paypigs in my care, they can sleep on the floor or out in the cold, their only worth is to serve me with their wallets. Some paypigs that come to me, want to be more then just paypigs, but I have to remind them, 

your nothing but a wallet little piggy, a human atm, a cashslut... your only purpose is to go out into the world and generate money which will then be taken from you by ME!!!

I want my paypiggies to be carefree and know that the relationship is not complicated, its very simple. Your a cashslut that has no use for money, and I am a Master that deserves all you have... NICE AND SIMPLE you cunty little faggot. 

Paypig games

I make being a cashpig as fun as possible by creating little games for my piggies to play, because they are dumb little fuckers, so we cannot do anything more intelligent with them. I will use games and spinners like my wheel of findom  to drain you of cash and eventually send you into a debt spiral as your world collapses around you.

I start emptying your wallet, then pockets, then your ATM and then we move to your online bank account where we set up payments to leave on a schedule that I decide. Its all very organised and perfect for you dumb little animals. 

Do not waste any more time thinking about it, your reading this because your a paypig, so get up and be counted, there are other little porkers like you waiting for you to join the line. Some days you will feel lost as all piggy cunts like you do, but read the Pig Prayer and that will get you back on the right road. 

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