Life Of An Alpha Master

Life Of An Alpha Master
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You dream of my life, living the Alpha life , living the Master Mikey life. Its easy to see why, it’s a life of luxury and joy. However, let me tell you right away, this is not some bullshit Instagram, selfies by the pool view, this is a view of my real life on the days that I get to relax away from working hard and succeeding. I am not laying out by the pool stroking my cock as money rolls in, I am working hard at one of my offices around the world, earning and living and succeeding as an Alpha. I have people that answer to me, and teams that report to me, and all at the tender age of 22, which makes it all even sexier and you know it. My life is a vortex of success and anarchy and sexuality all thrown in together.

This is your chance to experience my ridiculously powerful Alpha life in 1 day. Choose one of the below and read more.

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>>  Day In The Life Of My Cash Pig  <<

>>  Day In The Life Of My Fag Sub  <<


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