Sissy Hypno Porn

Sissy Hypno Porn

Sissy Hypno Porn Uncovered Sissy hypno porn is one of the depravities that is most often requested by my fags.

Faggot hypnosis

Faggot Hypnosis

Faggot Hypnosis And Men Of The Cloth Religious fags are my favourite type of faggot hypnosis. These supposed men…

Hypno Fags Doctor

The Alpha Fag Doctor

Once A Fag, Always A Fag Your family have given you one last chance to change your ways. You were…

Hypno Trance

Hypno Trance Mind Control

Hypnotic Trance Mind Control to lose yourself in Alpha Master Mikey Look deep into my eyes...and listen to my voice…

Fag Mind Control

Fags And Mind Control

The second year of university was a real breeze, I had all my friend groups fixed and we were just…