What Is A Paypig

What Is A Paypig
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What Are Paypigs

This is an age-old question, what is a Paypig? it is one of the most misunderstood terms out there in general and regular use, especially on social media. Its not misunderstood because people fail to see the obvious meaning, which is that a Paypig is typically a male that gives money to a female within a power play relationship. Paypig the term and Paypigs the people are misunderstood because of the reasons that they play the role of the Payer and the Pig.

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Paypigs Always Men?

Let’s begin with the obvious, which is that typically Paypigs are men, that is not always the case as I have a few paypigs who are women, but I will come back to that shortly. Paypigs are typically men, because in society Men generally, and in most societies play the typical paternal strong male figure role and dominate women in most areas of life. Women in turn play the nurturer and life giver role which is almost always a gentler and more submissive role, although there are many exceptions to this as well. With those being the stereotypical roles, that men and women have played in society through the ages, it is an obvious fetish to invert those roles for the purpose of pleasure. In most fetish situations, the fetish emerges from the inversion of some role or power play, and hence the Paypig is born out of this same desire to exchange roles.

If you imagine a basic inversion of roles leads to a female dominant that is overpowering and all controlling, and her subject or submissive is the male that bows to her every command and desire. This is the basics of many BDSM power play and power exchange relationships, with varied titles like Master Slave, Domme Sub and so many others.

Paypigs Are Cash Only

Paypigs however take this power exchange to the next stage of submission which is the total emasculation of the male to the role of nothing more then a financial tool, or HumanATM, something that is only there and tolerated for the purpose of providing cash. At this level of power exchange, the usual roles of any man, even a sub is totally removed because its only purpose is financial, none of its other attributes are of any use. In a normal Domme Sub relationship, the Female Domme may use the Sub male for her sexual needs and also may allow the sub to have some of its sexual needs met. In a Paypig situation, the Paypig is nothing but a tool, and nothing but cash, so therefore there is no sexual relationship or sexual release for the Paypig, and certainly not in front of the Domme. Some Domme’s and Masters may vary this, as it is open to individual interpretation, but generally there is no sexual component of Paypig relationships. The most that a Paypig can expect is to take some gratification from knowing that it is giving everything to its superior.

Paypig Emotions

The Paypig comes in so many guises that the old-fashioned stereotype of the sad old guy, that wears a trench coat, lives with his mum, and spends his afternoons with his nose pressed up against school gates, is not accurate at all. Paypigs come from all sections of society, old and young, highly educated and barely literate, this group of porkers is very diverse. They all share one common theme; they get a warm fuzzy feeling from giving money to superior men and women. This warm fuzzy feeling emanates from several distinct motivations,

The Paypigs Need To Satisfy An Object Of Desire

Some Paypigs simply lust after women to the point that they will do anything for that woman. This anything can involve gifts and cash, but the act of giving the gifts and cash is to see the satisfaction and joy in the faces of the women they adorn. However, that satisfaction does not last long, and Domme’s are quick to ask for more and more, and Paypigs can be caught in a swirl of giving in the hope of achieving some form of satisfaction within their female dommes. The same applies for Masters and Sub Paypigs, the Paypigs will be desperate to see the glee in a Masters face when they tribute them.

The Paypigs Want To Be A Provider To A Superior

Paypigs can also ironically be using the submissive role of the Paypig as an indirect power play where they want to be the provider to the superior, and in this scenario often the Paypig being the provider to the female Domme is actually reasserting the dominant role within the power play, without the female Domme even realising it. I have also seen this with Master and Slave roles where A Master is constantly requesting / needing / begging a Paypig for cash tributes, in which case the Master has actually slipped into the submissive role and elevated the Paypig to the dominant role as giver and provider. This type of situation arises with new Masters and many that are simply greedy and looking to use the lifestyle as a way of creating income streams and earning money. I have no issue with Masters that want to do that, but it does mess with the power play to some degree. I for example am a Master that takes from my Paypigs, but very rarely will I ask, and if I do it will be within a specific framework or play. My Paypigs know they are inferior and that they must pay and serve to be in my company virtually or physically, that is what happens when you are in the presence of a true God.


The Paypigs Desire To Be Degraded And Humiliated

Most Paypigs enjoy the degradation element of being a Paypig, even if their primary motivation is one of the above. These Paypigs enjoy an eroticism in being degraded and oppressed by a powerful sexual Master or Domme. The feeling that the Master has taken advantage of them, and its publicly visible, is a highly charged emotion. The shame face, of being so humiliated that the Master laughs at them, or forces them to perform degrading tasks for his pleasure is electrifying, and gives sexual release. Almost all of my Paypigs enjoy this element of being a Paypig, as it reinforces that they have no control, and that I have total control and can wield that for my pleasure and simultaneously for their persecution. I also enjoy degrading and humiliating my Paypigs, and I do it publicly but more often privately, with my warped mind, I can create depths of humiliation within Paypigs that they are not able to experience anywhere else.

The Paypigs Desire To Get Attention

The Paypig fantasy and lifestyle is for some Paypigs a simple mechanism to get attention. There are some men and women out there that are forgotten by the world, and left to rot aside society. These individuals sit outside the normal frameworks of families and friend networks and social structures, they are unable to get involved for many reasons, depression, anxiety, social issues, and many other reasons create this external space where they exist. These people watch the world go by in a quiet desolation, and then they find the world of Cash sluts and Paypigs and realise that they can get attention from the most powerful Alpha characters that would otherwise ignore them and have ignored them all their lives. These CashPig’s get addicted to the attention given to them. The interest and the attention are a drug to them, and they will pay to consume that drug as often as possible.

The Paypigs Desire To Be Part Of A Movement

Every so often a movement springs up within societies and sub cultures, and being a Cash servant, slave and Paypig is also that. The Paypig movement has seen a massive growth in the number of people wanting to identify as Paypigs and then communicate and socialise with other Paypigs on Twitter, Reddit and other forums for social discussion. I get many new Paypigs approaching me everyday just wanting to serve, that have found me through discussions with other Paypigs or inadvertently through discussions with their “Alpha Masters”. I don’t really care how they find me, as long as they come and they serve with their flesh and minds and cash.

Women Paypigs

Do not be surprised that Paypigs comes in all flavours, and I have Paypigs that are fags, subs, femboys, sissy’s, and women. My female Paypigs are actually powerful women that work in the city, and they enjoy giving to me, and promoting my powerful Alpha youth, and they see in me the son they wanted to have, not the one they ended up with… then they forget that part when they kneel before me and suck all the seed out of my cock. In my experience women can be the best paypigs in so many scenarios, especially as they are naturally nurturing and know what a man like me needs and wants, which is everything… money, mind and to be entertained. Wealthy female Paypigs always give me what they think I would want, expensive watches, jewellery, cash, and expensive dinner dates. Less wealthy or average female Paypigs give me cash and also focus the most effort on giving me sexual pleasure, which I guess they consider payments in kind or virtual pussy cash. Either way I enjoy my female paypigs a lot.

Paypigs Make The World A Better Place

As you can see Paypigs make the world so much better, because with their cash, and devotion they show unequivocally that You the Master or Domme are the most important thing in their life, and that is the key to the whole fantasy. To learn more about how to find paypigs check out my blog on finding paypigs, and to learn how I drain paypigs, check out draining paypigs. If you are a paypig that keeps losing sight of itself, then read Pig Prayer and stay strong porky.

If you're a Paypig that needs a home, then you know where I am, I always have space for another porker in my den, and you will never live a better life then one in my company, pink Paypig cunt !

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