Fag Abuse

Fag Abuse
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This is a blog post directed at Masters and written from my experience in maintaining a den of stinking lowly fags. Fag abuse is key to breaking the mind of any creature and therefore its especially important to abuse fags to aid in teaching and programming them to their lowest state. A Fag by its very nature craves attention, and abuse by your hand is the attention it should get. I have written posts before about the process and purpose of abuse slapping and humiliations which can be seen here, Fag Humiliation but below I detail a multitude of methods to induce the fag abuse and cause your fag to find its path. Each method is gentle but strict, gentle because any Master can do it, but strict because if applied as directed, it will have the intended result.

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Faggot Abuse

There are so many methods of abusing fags and here is a short list that you can work your way through, each of the methods below works well, as long as you do them with conviction. Your fag will love you for it.

Fags Pissed On

Fags and piss go together like cheese and wine. A Masters piss contains all the recycled nutrients that a faggot needs to be nourished. The piss, especially when jet sprayed directly into the faggots face and mouth both replenishes the faggot and degrades it. The fag enjoys the sensation of a Masters warm body fluids being jetted into its mouth, because it feels like its mother’s warm breast milk, which calms and focuses its mind. At the same time, the disgust of being covered in piss ruins its mind and destroys its sense of self, leaving it broken and ashamed. So pissing on faggots is an amazingly beneficial training and mind focusing method. Pissing on fags is an amazing abuse of a faggot.

Fags Shat On

Some of you will consider shitting a controversial area, and certainly its not a topic for all Masters. I myself have yet to shit on a faggot, but having spoken to many other Masters, it’s definitely another important area to consider. Shit is a favourite snack for some types of fag, and for those filthy faggots, shitting will be no issue at all, and most likely they will sit and consume whatever you give to them. I have met many faggots that are now owned by me who eat their own shit, its not easy to watch the first time, but when you get comfortable with what a faggot is and why it needs to eat shit, then you will be fine with watching fags eat shit. I have several fags that are shit eaters and they are eagerly waiting and tributing for me to shit into their mouths, to give them the ultimate gift a Master can give. However, not all fags are shit eating fags, and therefore you might ask why shitting is needed for them. The answer is simple, humiliation and degradation are the aim. Shit onto your faggots and into their mouths to humiliate them. There is no greater disgrace then your Master, the person you worship, emptying their bowels right onto you. It’s a perfect way to destroy a faggot’s mind. I shall at some point perform this ritual on some selected special faggots of mine. Can you think of a greater fag abuse then taking a shit right onto it? Hahaha well make sure you read Fags Eating Shit to learn more.

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Fag Intox

A faggot craves to serve and be of service, to be useful to its Master, and nothing makes it more difficult than if the faggot is incapacitated. Forced intox or intoxication using alcohol or selected safe pharmaceuticals can take a faggot to new levels of abusive worship and abusive trust. Abusing your fag can be amazing if you get the fucking fag drunk first. All fags, and definitely most in my dens love to be out of control, the feeling that I am in total control blows their little stupid minds, and I can do almost anything I want with them once I have them under the narcotic spell. Some fags decide they want their minds blown with poppers, which can be a lot of fun too, but the real depths of fag intox can really only be achieved with lots of alcohol. Using intox methods for fag abuse is cruel and harmful to some level, but its also agreeable to most fags and certainly for most Alphas. Take your time when intoxicating your faggot as it will fall into a state of subservience that needs to be managed. Larger faggots intoxicated can be a handful to manage, so choose your fags carefully.

Fag Forced To Beg

Fag abuse is sometimes fag use, and sometimes you just need your fags to perform and earn for you, because they are basically useless at everything else. In these cases, and when they are no good for anything else, put the fag out on the street with a begging bowl and have them beg in the mall, on the street corner, anywhere public, somewhere there is lots of footfall and preferably where they will be seen by their friends and family… hahahaha… cruel I know, but necessary.

Begging is the lowest state a person can get too, all else is typically lost before you start to beg for food or mercy, so to induce that state forcibly on your faggot is a fantastic mental fag abuse tactic and one that will reap huge rewards if you can ensure it happens correctly. By ensure it happens correctly I specifically mean that you ensure that the faggot is begging and not just taking money from its own finances and filling its pot, it must beg, actually beg people for money and mercy for this exercise to be of any value to you as the Alpha Master or the fag.  To learn more reasons why begging practise is important, read Fag Slave Begs

Fag Gangraped

Some Fags need to be gangraped, and I know it sounds harsh, but some fags need that level of abuse and torment to keep their minds focused on what is important. Some fags also enjoy that physical and mental abuse of having groups of men throw them about and ravage them, tearing at their flesh and pulling hair, whilst wildly poking in fag holes and fucking armpits, mouths, assholes anything that is within grasping reach. Fags are creatures that will relish this type torment, some weaker faggots may not enjoy it, but the majority of it will love the thought and the reality of being fucked and used by groups of Alphas. It gives those faggots meaning, and its all about purpose and meaning.

Fags Publicly Shamed

Fag abuse in the form of public shame, degrades and humiliates the fag and I have spoken hundreds of times about the benefits of degradation. Humiliation and demoralisation take the faggot from a sturdy possibly well-rounded faggot to being a broken and fragile faggot and the more fragile you can make the fag, the better it will serve you. The fag is an object, never forget that as an Alpha, the fag is there to serve you, and to follow you in giving yourself a better life. The fag’s existence is as important as a tool, just like a spanner is important in a task, so the fag is important to serve you, and when it’s completed its task, it can be thrown into the toolbox and left until you next need it.

You should take your fag into a public place and stand it up and scold it like a child, shame it , make it feel like a slave and a servant. Be careful of the environment into which you take it as you may find the public are less forgiving of your mutually beneficial relationship and decide to comment upon your activities. You will quickly learn which public spaces promote your scornful and shame filled activities. You may even find that in some place’s others join in to help you shame your fag.


Cum On Fags Face

One of the cornerstones of fag abuse is cum, copious amounts of cum to cover fags. I love to cum in a fag’s face because there is nothing quite as shameful and degrading as cumming into a fag’s face mouth eyes and hair. Its messy and can be physically violent if you combine it with whipping your fags face with your cock. Cock whipping along with cumming on the fag’s face is really only possible if you have an Alpha cock with some weight and girth to make the slap worthwhile, otherwise your better just to cum on the fag’s face and then slap it with your hand.

Cum on a fag’s face is definitely abusive, but most fags enjoy it too, so its an abuse and a treat for most fags. As long as your fag deserves a treat then this will work amazingly well for you.

Fag Tributes

I love forcing a fag to tribute, both to drain it and also to make it endure pain. There is a mental and physical pain in losing cash every hour of every day. I like the feeling of a fag wondering where its next meal will come from, and making excuses for its family and friends about why it cannot do things or pay for things. I love that type of torment. Forcing tributes creates a tension in a fag’s life that is difficult to replicate in any other way. Financial worry is so deeply abusive that even I Master Mikey have to sometimes stop my rabid enjoyment of this type of fag abuse and rethink whether I should help a fag stop or allow it to throw itself off the cliff. It’s a difficult choice that each Master must make and live with. Fags are fragile and prone to breaking so choose how you destroy them carefully, and remember that you want to destroy them enough that they can recover and continue, not so far that they break permanently.

Fag Slapping

Putting a fag in its place is wonderfully easy if you are familiar with landing a good old fashioned slap squarely on a fags face. I have spoken about fag slapping which you can read here Slapping Fags .

A slap landed with enough power on a fag’s head can take it back to its childhood and create a mental regression. A light slap will do nothing more then antagonise a fag and with some faggots it might even evoke a fight response which you will then need to correct with a severe beating. So make sure if you are going to use slaps to abuse your fag, its better you go heavier then lighter in the first few strikes. Land the slaps across the faggot’s cheeks to humiliate it and degrade it in front of others or behind closed doors. Land the slaps across its head or neck to remind it that its nothing and that you are in total control physically and mentally. Land the slap across its asscheeks if you want to remind it that it’s a naughty schoolboy or a sissy faggot that needs reprimanding.

Fag Abuse Summary

You can see that there are so many methods of fag abuse, some for training, some for programming, some for reprimanding, some for your pleasure, some for the fags pleasure.. and some from an evil need to create fear and torment in faggots. This is just a brief list of methods that you can use, and should use. You can test them and see which methods work for you. The results of your abuse will be clear for you to see quite quickly. Whatever methods you choose, make sure that you are happy with them, and enjoy performing them on your faggot, as you want to sustain the methods longer term to get their full benefit. If there are other methods you can think off, get in contact and let me know.

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Fag Abuse Come In Many Forms

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