Mind Control

Mind Control Fags
By Master Mikey

Mentally Controlled To Take Everything

I get inside your head, little by little, like a slow creeping disease eating away at your mind. I listen to the cues inside your head, and then I break down your personality into small bite size pieces before I consume it. All your hopes and dreams will be ravished by my eternal hunger. I am a Master for all time, not just for one time. Once I start my journey into your system, you have no way of stopping it. I will take your mind and eat it up piece by piece. Your best hope is that I never find and identify you as a fag of interest. If I do, your time is limited. I know you so well, that I have written a Fag Charter for your kind, and you should read it and learn what you are and how to behave. Its a form of mind control and prayer to recite the Fag Charter, so read that carefully.

If you want to learn about the first time I tried mind control on a fag, check out Fags Mind Control

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Some fags Come Willingly

Some faggots come to me wanting to be mind fucked and mind raped and all sorts of other mind games, but you really have no idea what I will do to you when I get my claws into your mind. Its a one way journey that none of you are prepared for. I take a simple game that you think you can control, like gentle playful hypnosis and instead of taking you in and out I will implant seeds of destructive energy deep into your mind that will count down to a chosen time before they explode and render you dumb and broken. These may be games for you , but for me its a way of life. I feed on your energy and finances. Some fags will ask to be fucked or be ruined or some other perverse fantasy like my gas station faggot that wanted to be hypno fucked which you can read here

Destroying fags Mentally

I live to find and destroy your weak minds. Once your hypnotised, mentally broken and mentally implanted, then your mine whatever happens. I will often spend years extracting your finances over time, and depleting your assets. You will give willingly to me knowing that your so hungry to be in my company. All your dreams will be fulfilled in the journey of your ruination. You were born to live in my shadow.

Finally when you think you still have some control of yourself, you will wake to find that I have planted the seeds of doubt so deep into your mind that even the most experienced therapists cannot get to you. The seeds I plant deep into you, only I can water and bring to fruition. You can be sure that I will play with those internal triggers to mock you and to extract cash from you.

Like a coma patient, you will be my plaything

These are dark games that are not entered into lightly and you should think carefully before approaching me to start this devilish game of cat and mouse....Master and Slave. For the experienced Master and Slave gamers there are contracts that you can enter into, for example check out my Master Slave Contract here. If you want to see how dark my powers can get, read Mind Control the fine line

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