Sissy Hypno Training

Sissy Hypno Training
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Sissy Hypno Training Faggots

Sissy hypno training is critical to nurturing and building talented sissys . I have written several posts on the need for, and benefits of training fags and having them practise servitude to achieve greatness. You can read my post about training fags in 10 steps here and see the benefits of training with sex dolls here. If you want to see how audio can be used to train, then check out Sissy Hypno Audio

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A sissy fag is in its essence a fag that was born in the wrong body, a creature that is doomed to walk about as a man when really all it wants to be, is a pretty little lady. That internal dilemma needs training to manage and control, as the sissy will often want to dress like a lady, or act like a lady. Masters will simply never understand the complexities of a sissy, the depths of the sissy mind and the need to be lady like. I have a sissy called Susan that has worshipped me for 2 years without asking for anything, all Susan wants is to dress up and worship me like it’s a housewife and I am the man of the house. I love that kind of home play because it allows me to be the man of the house and get Susan in line with behaving correctly, worshipping, providing me sexual favours and also taking some small enjoyment from continually being in my presence. Susan gets so turned on by prancing around in my den in its lingerie, and I take every opportunity to slap its ass and comment on what a slutty housewife it looks like. It’s a magical combination of Alpha Master and Sissy Faggot.

A comprehensive sissy training programme was needed for a Sissy like Susan simply because otherwise it never knows whether it’s completing its goals, or even if it looks pretty enough for me day to day. I like my sissys to look super feminine and cute.  

This is where sissy hypno training and trance states come in to play as the perfect training method, especially when I get to fuck the sissy while it’s under a trance state. I start all sissy hypno training with a sit-down on the couch where I can have it concentrate on a fixed object in the room. Staring deeply at an object like a lamp or candle or hands of a clock are normally enough to get the faggot into a suggestive hypno state. Some sissy fags like Susan when put into a trance state will automatically start to touch themselves, even without being instructed too, and that is because in their hypno trance state, they are regressing to their inner mind’s self. Hypno in this perspective helps the faggot sissy to strip away external factors and fall into the life it lives in its subconscious mind. There are also extremes that sissy hypno allow to happen, for more extreme stuff read Sissy Hypno Trained To Serve and see how messy it can get.

Traditional hypno methods like the swinging pendulum along with other flickering candle methods work really well at the initial stage to get the sissy faggot to focus for a few minutes on an object while you the Master suggestively manipulate a route into their minds by finding a crack in their psyche, this is normally a 1-3 minute process but for hardened sissy faggots this could take as much as 8-12 minutes.

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Sissy Hypno Audio

Sissy hypno audio is a really great way to set the mood for the initial dive into hypno trance. Normally I use nature sounds or the complete contrast is white noise to create a detached environment in which the sissy faggot can sit and allow its mind to fall into. The initial stage of hypno really requires the faggot to let go of reality, which fags are normally barely clinging on to anyway, so this stage can be fairly easy. The audio track just helps you to loosen the grip on reality and for the faggot to concentrate on the audio stimulation, providing a second focal point. The eyes are distracted by the visual stimuli and the ears by the auditory stimuli, which is a great way to bombard the weak faggot mental system.

Sissy Hypno Captions

Sissy hypno captions are another interesting and positive way to capture and focus the faggots mind on what it is and what it should be. For some really dumb fucking faggots I will not use a candle or the hands of a clock, because these faggots are too dumb or young to understand the cultural connections and baggage off candles or clock hands, so they need something more on their wavelength, and sometimes this is a music video or porn clip, which I talk about next. The visual playing is then accompanied by custom captions dedicated to that specific faggot. For example, if I know this faggot loves to suck cock, then I will have captions like the following scrolling across the screen,

Suck Cock – Eat Cock – Drink Cock – Be Cock – Cock Is Life – Cock Is All – Cock In Your Mouth – Cock In Your Ass- Suck Cock – Eat Cock – Drink Cock – Be Cock

These types of captions will embed themselves into the fag’s subconscious mind alongside the visual and be thoughts and feeling throughout the faggot’s life even when its not in your presence. Sissy Hypno Captions are used as an mental embedding technique to imprint on the faggots mind, deep inside the faggots mind.

Sissy Hypno Tube

Sissy hypno tubes are the million sites which are on the internet with hypno videos and scrolling flashing captions. There are so many hypno tube websites that its hard to keep up and frankly I don’t use any of them for sissy hypno training because they are not as custom as I need them to be. If you are interested in delving into hypno at a shallow level, then you can check out the hypno tubes and discover what types of sissy hypno that attracts you. I know some sissy faggots that will dress up in lingerie and then watch those sissy hypno tubes in an effort to fall into trance, but it rarely works because you need the guiding hand of a Master to direct your path into the deep.

Sissy Hypno Videos

Sissy hypno videos that I create are some of the hottest visuals that are out there, except they are not out there… haha…. My hypno videos are a private collection of my personal sissy faggots being put into deep trance and then fucked with. I use those hypno videos to hypnotise my faggots from their own hypno videos, which is doubly stupid for these faggots, but they still fall for it. Faggots are in essence a dumb moronic breed of animal and therefore putting them in trance watching themselves in trance is not surprising. If you create sissy hypno videos, make sure to get the faggots consent to video them, as consent is key to a perfect mental destruction. The faggot must know that it has entered into the lair of the beast and that the beast is about to destroy them from the inside, out.

Sissy Hypno Porn

Sissy hypno porn is the last category of material I use to train my sissy faggots. I keep a combination of consensual training videos and gangbang sessions close by when training begins because each faggot has a different reaction to being put into deep trance. Some, like I mentioned before, fall into automatically touching and trying to sexually stimulate themselves, others behave as though they have died and left their bodies, and others still shake and roll around as though they are being rebirthed. Hypno porn clips which I have preselected or personally created in faggot gangbangs can be used in this part of the training to refocus the faggots flailing mind. Hypno porn is plentiful on the internet, but the quality is low, hence I can never fully rely on it for training faggots.

Sissy Hypno Training Fags

Sissy faggots are a weak-minded beast, so keeping them on track with their objectives and service plan is difficult if you do not have a strong training and programming plan in place. Ask yourself the question, would you take a dog to Crufts and expect it to perform if you had never trained it? Of course not, so neither should you expect the sissy faggot to know how to suck cock, or lick your asshole, or clean your home, or get fucked, or gape its holes, or any other use you might have for it, unless you have taken the time to program and train the silly beast.

Sissy faggots are a joy to hypno train, so take the time, it will pay dividends for you.

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