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Fart Fags

Fart Fag

Inhaling a Masters farts will blow your mind Some fags are born different, some fags are born special. Fags that…

Spit Fag Fetish

Spit Fetish Fag

So you have a Spit Fetish? Its right that you should fantasize about The Masters saliva because it contains spiritual…

Socks Fetish Faggots

Socks Fetish

Socks Fetish Faggots I know your kind... socks loving fags. Its a dark fetish you have, and you cannot help…

Slapping My Faggot

Slap Fag

Your face was made for slapping There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned slap across the face to…

Sissy Boy Fags

Sissy Fag

Sissy dress to impress There is nothing hotter then a sissy fag dressed up nice and slutty for me. Tight…

Silent Fag Tributes

Silent Tribute

The silence of being ignored You deserve to be ignored because you are insignificant and totally worthless. You are not…

Retweet Fag

Retweet Fag

Even useless fags can retweet for me Your a useless cunt in every way possible, but me being the Master,…

Physically abused faggot

Physical Abuse

You enjoy power, physical power Physical power turns you on because you have always been weak, mentally and physically weak.

Mind Control Fags

Mind Control

Mentally Controlled To Take Everything I get inside your head, little by little, like a slow creeping disease eating away…

Slave Faggots

Fag Slaves

Slavery for fags Fags need management and that can happen in so many ways, mostly online, real-time and in session…

Fag Lives Matter

Master Mikey in the flesh

I won’t explain what a fag is.....

You are here because you are a fag...unworthy… idolatrous, a worshipper of Alpha gods like me that roam the Earth. Fag lives matter to me, and you are looking to be treated like a fag, to be managed like a fag, to enter into ownership and a life of servitude, and I can give that to you. Your life has no meaning, outside of worshipping a God like me.

My name is Master Mikey and I am a young 22 year old Master that lives in London England, and I manage a global harem of fags just like you.

In the daytime I work in a very high profile city job. Alongside my vanilla life, I roam the underworld as a Master of Fags.
Read on to learn why you should dedicate your life to MY service.
Pick the fag fetish that most excites you and then contact me to play. Lets have some fun.