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Faggot Edged

Faggot Edged To Insanity

You’re such a loyal little faggot cunt, and without any thinking you follow my instruction and now you’re kneeling at…

Fag Object

The Fag Object

It’s a straight forward truth of life that fags are objects, and there is no getting around that point. Whether…

Fags Sucking Alpha Cock

Fags Sucking Alpha Cock

Is there anything more beautiful, then looking down between your Masterful thighs to see a fag gagging on your throbbing…

Faggots Worth

A Faggots True Worth

Your phone rings, its 11pm Friday night, who could it be, you answer it and hear a gruff deep voice…

Breeding Fags Correctly

Breeding Fags Correctly

Breeding is the act of fucking fags in the ass and or throat. Specifically pushing a cock or cocks inside…

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